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The title for Star Wars: Episode VIII was (finally) revealed this morning, and Rian Johnson appears to have chosen a title that leaves us with more questions than answers. First off, nobody should have expected any different from Rian Johnson, who frequently pokes at and plays with fans on Twitter. While Fall of the Resistance and Order of the Dark Side may have been cool-sounding titles for the next installment of the franchise when they were circulated among many other rumors, we always should have expected a less straightforward and more nuanced title from Rian Johnson, which is exactly what we got. Obviously, the word "Jedi" is the main focus of the title. What is instantly striking about the title is that it is the first to repeat a proper noun from another title. While this may seem unoriginal or an easy out, Rian Johnson definitely has a good excuse to reuse the word. In an interview earlier this month, he said that Episode VIII is really going to get into Luke and his character- that it will evaluate what's going on with him and what has been going on with him to force him to make the decisions he has made. With that in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the title seemingly refers to Luke Skywalker. Since the word "Jedi" is the first proper noun to be repeated in a Star Wars title, it is likely that it is repeated is because Rian Johnson and those involved with the story felt it absolutely necessary to include it in the title, making "Jedi" of great importance to, and likely the center of, Episode VIII. Earlier, I noted that the title appears to refer to Luke Skywalker, which shouldn't seem like that much of a stretch since Episode VII's opening crawl refers to Luke as "the last Jedi." Most would say, then, that the title refers to Luke, and Luke is the last Jedi.... Or is he? Of course, the main question we can ask from the title is "who is the last Jedi?" and, less importantly, "why are they the last Jedi?" It would be foolish to suggest that it never came into the minds of those involved with the story that the word "Jedi" can be both singular or plural, similar to how the plural of "fish" is "fish." Since the word can be used as both the singular and plural form, the "last jedi" could refer to multiple people, not just one, making both Rey and Luke the "last Jedi," assuming Rey is to go forward with Jedi training. Not only that, but there could be other Jedi who were part of Luke's new Jedi academy that will come into play in Episode VIII, making them, Luke, and possibly Rey "the last Jedi" collectively. Conversely, the "last Jedi" could refer simply to Rey, as Luke Skywalker is definitely not a safe bet to survive, which would echo how Luke gradually become the "new hope" at the end of Episode IV, not automatically starting out as the undisputed "new hope." Finally, an intriguing take on the title is that Luke is the last Jedi and will be the last Jedi. This would require the Skywalker saga deviate from the Jedi, meaning Rey would become something entirely different from a Jedi, and Luke would continue on as the last Jedi. Daisy Ridley said months ago that she does not think Rey is a Jedi even though she is force-sensitive, similar to Leia, so if Lucasfilm were to take this route, it would simply mean that light-side Force users would no longer be referred to as Jedi. Regarding the title release itself, it is interesting how Star Wars was written in red font instead of the traditional yellow font. The only two times that color font has been utilized were for Revenge of the Jedi (which was of course re-named) and Revenge of the Sith. What both have in common is that they were intended to have very dark tones, which is mirrored in the fact that the color red appears more ominous than yellow. Also, both episodes have marked extremely important events in the Skywalker family. In Episode III, Anakin turned to the dark side, and in Episode VI, Anakin redeemed himself as the Chosen One while his son earned his status as a Jedi. Although every saga episode of Star Wars marks some important event or another in the Skywalker family, it is extremely coincidental, at the least, that the title releases for the two most important were both in red font. With that considered, it would not be a stretch to suggest that Episode VIII will show some event of huge importance to the Skywalker family, possibly the death of Luke Skywalker and/or General Organa, or the confirmation of Rey as part of the Skywalker clan (don't bet on it). Either way, Episode VIII's title and the release have turned out to be very intriguing, and the title's nuance and meaning will certainly come under intense evaluation during the next couple months, especially once the trailers are released. Let's hope that, after providing a head-scratching and interesting title, Rian Johnson will deliver almost-satisfying trailers, and ultimately an interesting and entertaining film in Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi.

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