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St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere’s final episode aired in 1988 but its effect is still felt on television today. The reveal that the whole show was taking place inside the head of an autistic child was one of the first major twists in the history of television. In today’s age of speculation and online forums it’s hard to imagine how blindsided people were by the finale but hardly anyone saw it coming. While some audiences love the ending and applauded the reveal, man fans were left angry. Nonetheless the finale had a deep impact on television and has become somewhat of a cliche in pop culture. The finale asks for questions than it answers however leading to some conspiracy theories and no definitive answers.

The Sopranos

Just because everyone spins their own theories about the ending of a show doesn’t necessarily make it good. The is an example of a show that had such hype and high expectations set for its finale that there was no way an ending would have satisfied everyone. Still many fans at the time the ending was a cop-out and were furious at the unanswered questions. No sense of closure here.


Even as a half hour sitcom, still had the monumental task of having to bring the show about nothing to a proper conclusion. While the long running series featured outrageous personalities and cartoon-like figures, the finale, which ended with the main cast being sent to prison, took these things to an extreme. Many were unhappy that the show didn’t take the ending serious, which seems a bit ridiculous when you consider this is also the show that featured the Soup Nazi.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Rory contemplating the unsatisfying ending to her story.
Rory contemplating the unsatisfying ending to her story.

Talk about build up. When the OG series was taken out of creator Amy Sherman Palladino’s hands going into its seventh season, she made sure that everyone knew she had a very specific ending in mind for the show. When the Netflix revival was announced ASP’s final four words became a point of speculation for all die-hard fans of the show. While the whole “I’m pregnant” plot was thrown around as a joke (especially on the Gilmore Guys podcast), it ended up being true stunning and angering fans. It brings the series full circle but it also makes it seem like Rory can’t help but follow in her mother’s footsteps. The ending was a let down because of how predictable and lazy it was.


At the time that this finale aired I was just about to enter high school and in my teenage mind loved that Ross and Rachel ended up together. I mean, they had to, but I cried watching it nonetheless. The older I get however the angrier I am that the series ends the way it does. Rachel gives up her dream job in Paris for Ross, who when rewatching the series is kind of problematic at times. People make sacrifices for love all the time and I am in no position to judge anyone for their life decisions but COME ON! How much more satisfying would have been if Rachel took the job and ended up as head of Louis Vuitton in Paris? Not that I think Ross and Rachel shouldn’t have ended up together but the writers could have done things differently so it wasn’t Rachel choosing between Ross and freakin’ Paris.

How I Met Your Mother

This episode will always be on every single “worst finale in television history.” The show should have been called How I Wasted My Children’s Lives Telling Them How I Met Their Mother But Actually Have Always Been In Love With Robyn. The writers wrote themselves into a corner with this show but to have the audience fall in love with the mother only to reveal she died and Ted’s been in love with Robyn the whole time was a total gut-punch. To be fair the whole last season of was kind of a mess and I doubt that even a satisfying ending could have redeemed it, but still, this completely betrayed the original idea of the show. There is an alternate ending and I like to imagine that this is the real one.

What do you consider to be the most unsatisfying endings to TV shows?

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