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So the amazing spiderman is seen by some to be terrible and in some ways it is I mean too many villains, terrible green goblin and a annoying harry Osborne side plot that seemed rather pointless! But I still reckon we need a third movie! Why? Because I have said loads of times Andrew is a bad spiderman but there are times where he was good! But how would I like to see the third one made?

1. Forget the sinster six

Right let's be honest it could never work! The general audience would confused and Sony would mess it up anyway.

2. Have Peter as an Family man.

Now this could work seeing as Andrew is old enough to pull that off plus it would be an original idea! He could have Kids and Mary Jane as a wife would be great.

3. Venom as the villain

So why not put venom on the screen again? Would be amazing! An older spiderman put up against a strong out of this world alien! We could have amazing fights on screen and we would be happy!

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