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I predict the box office and have studied it for years, along with exposing change in the film industry and culture.

The summer 2017 box office is an interesting topic on one hand we have the lowest domestic summer box office in 25 years, but on the other hand we have some definite hit films and the global box office is better than ever. I am going to analyze this summer by each Major Film Studio.


Disney has had a mediocre summer box office. None of its films have passed over a billion this summer even with two major releases and one medium release.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is the second highest grossing film this summer (worldwide and domestically) with $863.6 million worldwide ($389 million domestic) which is almost on par with its $400 million domestic box office predictions. It made alot of money but with most predictions $900 million -$1.1 billion it is a slight disappointment. Its predecessor made $773.3 million worldwide ($333.2 million domestic). That means that this film made only $90.3 million more than its predessesor, the lowest rise in the MCU since Iron Man/Iron Man 2 difference $38.7 million (not counting the drop between the Avengers and the Avengers: Age of Ultron).
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the forth highest grossing film this summer (worldwide) with $794.7 million worldwide ($172.6 million domestic) which makes it the forth lowest grossing worldwide since the original (5 films total) and lowest grossing domestic. But on the other hand it is the highest grossing live-action film worldwide that has not crossed $200 million domestic beating 2012 for that crown (and 3rd worldwide counting the two Ice Age films). It also was the lowest rated critically for the entire franchise. So even though the previous films made $1,045.7 billion, $963.4 million, $1,066.2 billion, and $654.3 million worldwide, it still showed that this franchise has enough power overseas to be able to make on more film. It may have under-preformed, but it is one of the few films this summer (that is not a super-hero film) that will make alot of money. It also may cross $800 million when its run finishes.
  • Cars 3 is a underpreformer with $376.8 million worldwide ($152.8 million domestic) currently making it the lowest grossing of the franchise and Pixar's lowest grossing besides the Good Dinosaur, A Bug's Life, and the original Toy Story. Its previous films made $562.1 million and $462.2 million worldwide.

It's worth noting that Disney currently has the highest grossing film of the year worldwide and domestically (Beauty and the Beast) with $1,262.7 billion worldwide and $504 million domestically, along with three MAJOR films coming at the end of the year with one for sure to be the highest grossing film of the year worldwide and domestically (The Last Jedi) along with a probable billion plus film (Thor: Ragnarok) and an original pixar film (Coco). So even though their summer was mediocre, they will have the largest market share of the year (Again). Summer Film Grade: B+

Universal Pictures

Universal has also had three releases this summer with two major and one minor.

  • Despicable Me 3 is a huge hit with $1,027 billion worldwide making it the highest grossing animated film of the year with no chance of any animated film passing it worldwide. It also is the highest grossing film of the summer worldwide. Its predecessors made $1,159.4 million (spinoff Minions which is the second highest grossing animated film worldwide), $970.8 million, and $543.1 million worldwide. It has preformed very well and is a Major Hit.
  • The Mummy is sort of a mixed result, one one hand is has made $409.1 million worldwide making it the third highest grossing mummy film worldwide (the previous films made $401.1 million, $415.9 million, and $433 million worldwide) even with Tom Cruise's star power and an CGI, female, awesome mummy. It also has the lowest grossing take domestically with $80.1 million. You may have heard stories of it losing up to $95 million, the stories are wrong. Its budget is $125 million, so even if marketing (which is generally the same amount), theater percentage of the revenue, and actors paychecks tripled the budget (which is UNHEARD of), that would still make costs $375 million total making a $30 plus million in surplus revenue for the movie (not counting home video sales). Now it is a disappointment because it made less than the original (worldwide and domestically) and could have made more overseas (think world of the worlds overseas numbers). Remember the Mummy was critically panned and released in a jammed packed June (Wonder Woman, Transformers: The Last Knight, Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, among others) before a big July (Spiderman: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes, among others) and after a huge May (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, among others). So, because of the critical scores, and the jam-pack release date (a horrid decision) and Wonder Woman as competition (we will get to that later), against the odds the Mummy still became the seventh highest grossing film worldwide of the summer. If the release date had been moved to August or even late July it would have made $500 - $620 million worldwide. Against the odds it is a Big Hit.
  • Girls Trip did tremendously well with such a small budget $136.3 million worldwide (and counting) with over $100 million domestic.

Universal also has the second highest grossing film of the year (Fate of the Furious which nearly beat Disney's Beauty and the Beast) with $1,238.8 million worldwide ($225.8 million domestic) along with big preformences from Fifty Shades Darker ($378.8 million worldwide), The Great Wall ($332 million worldwide), and Blumhouse original horror films Split ($276.9 million worldwide and a huge $138.1 million domestic) and Get Out ($252.4 million worldwide and an astonishing $175.5 million domestic) along with a Dog's Purpose ($194.5 million worldwide). With its tremendous summer movie preformence its Summer Film Grade is: A

Warner Bros

Warner Bros has had minor hits and flops this past year and the same with its summer box office.

  • Wonder Woman is HUGE with her current worldwide total at $821.5 million worldwide and $412.5 million domestic! I'm sure you have heard dozens of articles about her achievements so ill make it very brief. It's the highest grossing film (live action or animated) worldwide and domestically directed by a female director, it's opening weekend was $103 million making an almost 4x multiplier in domestic totals, its currently the eighth highest grossing superhero film domestically with a large chance to make it into the top 5, along with it becoming (this weekend) the largest domestic take for a superhero film that is not a sequel (an origin film or first film), its the second highest grossing DCEU film worldwide (behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and highest domestically. If it cracks the top 5 films domestically it will ONLY be behind the two Dark Knight movies and two Avengers movies. This films is a MEGA MEGA HIT, I actually predicted it would make $800 million worldwide before it was released.
  • Dunkirk is a war movie that has made $523.5 million worldwide to date ($187.6 million domestic).
  • Annabelle: Creation is apart of the Conjuring Cinematic Universe and is one of the highest grossing horror films of all time and has made $300.8 million worldwide.
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a MAJOR FLOP intended to start a saga. It made $143.5 million worldwide on a $175 million budget (double that for marketing expenses) resulting in an estimated $200 million loss. Major loss for the studio and big mistake.

Warner Bros has had some pre-summer/summer minor hits and flops (to many to mention here) and HUGE HIT with Kong: Skull Island which made $566.7 million worldwide ($168.1 million domestic) and MAJOR UNDERPREFORMER the Lego Batman Movie which made only $311.8 million worldwide ($175.8 domestic), the Lego Movie which was not about the cultural icon Batman (who played a minor role in the film) made $469.2 million worldwide ($257.8 million domestic). The Lego Batman Movie was tracking anywhere from $500 million (supposed worst case scenerio) to $700 million worldwide. It was a major disappointment and the third lowest grossing batman movie next to Batman Returns and Batman and Robin. Summer Film Grade: B Yes I know Wonder Woman was huge but with King Arthur: Legend of the Swords loss and the studio not even being prepared for Wonder Woman's box office totals (not previously signing Patty Jenkins ion for a sequel loses it some major points. But with IT, Blade Runner 2049, and Justice League which is a definite over a billion second highest grossing film of the year worldwide and domestically on the horizon, expect this film studio to make up for its mediocre summer.

20th Century Fox

Fox has branded itself a studio for adults, lets see where that has taken them.

  • War for the Planet of the Apes is the second highest grossing of the Planet of the Apes trilogy. It has made $487.8 million worldwide ($146.7 million domestic). It is a major hit considering it is the best critically rated of the apes franchise and its predecessors made $710.6 million and $481.8 million worldwide.
  • Alien Covenant was a hit becoming the second highest grossing Alien franchise movie worldwide with $240.4 million (7$4.2 million domestic) only behind Prometheus ($403.4 million worldwide/$126.5 domestic and the only film in the franchise not to have the word Alien in the title) worldwide.
  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie was a minor hit with $117 million worldwide ($73.9 million domestic) with only a $38 million budget, however it is Dreamworks Animation lowest grossing film besides Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and the Road to El Dorado.

20th Century Fox had a huge spring with Logan $616.2 million worldwide the third highest grossing X-Men film and second highest grossing R-Rated superhero film of all time (Worldwide and Domestically), along with the Boss Baby which made $497.8 million worldwide and is the second highest grossing animated film worldwide this year. Along with a few minor hits and flops. Summer Film Grade: A-

Columbia Pictures

Sony has had a small year so far, its summer changes that somewhat.

  • Spiderman: Homecoming is Sony's first joint venture with the MCU and has made $879.6 million worldwide ($333.5 million domestic) It is a HUGE HIT and has passed every spider-man film except for Spider-Man 3. This is a MAJOR HIT.
  • The Emoji Movie is Sony Pictures Animation's highest grossing film that is not Smurfs, Hotel Transylvania, or Meatballs with $204.3 million worldwide ($85.5 million domestic). This is a hit.
  • Life is an underpreformer with $100.5 million worldwide.
  • Rough Night is a flop with $47.3 million worldwide.

Columbia had a low-key spring except for Smurfs: The Lost Village with $197.2 million worldwide (the lowest grossing Smurf movie worldwide and Domestic. It has had very few movies succeed majorly besides its Spiderman, 007, MIB, and Hotel Transylvania franchises. Summer Film Grade: B+ (Spiderman saved it from an C)

Paramount Pictures

This Major Film Studio will probably be closed by 2030 at its rate of decline.

  • Transformers: The Last Knight is out of theaters with $605.4 million worldwide ($130.2 domestic) and is the lowest grossing of the franchise worldwide and domestically.
  • Baywatch is an underpreformer with $177.9 million worldwide even with Dwayne Johnson's star power.

Paramount even had a worse spring with a Big Flop Ghost in the Shell $169.8 million worldwide on a $110 million budget (at-least double that for marketing), Major Hit xXx: The Return of Xander Cage with $346.1 million worldwide, and a Flop Rings with $83.1 million worldwide (the original released years ago made twice as much). Summer Film Grade: C

So there you have it. some films were MAJOR HITS, some were MAJOR FLOPS. So even with a $3.8 billion summer, there are bright spots. What do you think, please comment and enjoy!

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