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I predict the box office and have studied it for years, along with exposing change in the film industry and culture.

Star Wars is a wonderful franchise. George Lucas made a masterpiece, and it is universally loved. When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, many people were concerned about what Disney would turn Star Wars into, and they were right to be concerned. Don't get me wrong, I love Disney, and the Force Awakens was a good movie, but that is just it, It was a good movie, not a phenomenal one. Here are tips on how Star Wars can regain its Force.

Make Unique and Breathtaking Worlds/Planets that you can't find on earth

My biggest criticism with the Force Awakens/Rogue One is that the worlds seen in those movies, can be found on earth. For example Jakku = Gobi Desert, Takonda = North American Forest, or Starkiller Planet = Alaska/Switzerland. You get the picture, boring and plain. When I saw the prequel trilogy I was breathtaken by the worlds of Geonosis, the underwater world of Naboo, Kamino, among others. Why not have instead turn Jakku into a Mario like syrup/cake desert with orange skies, or make the Starkiller base into a purple lava/broken moon, black hole inside, brownish/dark bluish skied world. Be creative and find things that you couldn't find on earth from gem seas to sea-green skies where the atmosphere melts.

Make Fantastical Creatures

One of the best parts of Star Wars were the creatures (and no I'm not talking about the alien Wookies/Jawas), I am referring to the Nexu, Acklay, Breezak, Reek, so on. The Force Awakens only had a Luggabeast, thats it, thats all. Why not have a Two headed, Female-Mummy like (2017 movie version), six long eared, four bat winged dragon. Or a Dormammu headed spider-creature.

Bring back the Force power

One of the things lacking about the Star Wars canon compared to Legends is that the Force is low key. Bring back powers like Force Light, Force Healing, Force Sheild, Force Insanity/Horror, Deadly Sight, Force Scream, Spear of Midnight Black, Vitate's Ritual, Force Gravity manipulation, Cloak of Shadow, Dark Transfer, Teleportation, Levitation, Force Whirlwind, Force Wormhole, Force Illusion, Force Environment, Animal Friendship, Force Combustion, Force erase memory, Force doppelganger, etc. Imagine all the epic battles from those abilities that can happen.

Make more heart-wrenching storylines

One of the biggest things they need to do is to make their stories mean something. Have two characters fall in love and kill one of them off at the end (Titantic like) have real risk besides a giant Death Ball.

Make more colored/different shaped Lightsabers

Imagine twin orange lightsabers, purple lightsaber knives, and darksaber whip, a yellow/orange lightsaber staff, triple-bladed pink/blue/purple lightsaber, tie-die lightsaber, etc. Imagine all the wonderful possibilities.

Adapt the Old Republic into a trilogy

Once the Force Awakens/Last Jedi/IX trilogy is finished, they should make a story featuring Revan and Meetra. Make the villains Darth Vitate, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Bane. Make Revan the most powerful Jedi ever and Meetra the only one who walked the fine line between the Light and Dark Side. Give it a darker tone (Vitate absorbed 300 plus Sith lords and a whole planet into himself and Darth Nihilus is the serial killer lord of hunger). Make it mean something. Make Revan/Meetra connect to the Skywalker bloodline, and make the outcome of the trilogy the reason those Force Powers don't exist/aren't used in Yoda's lifetime.

Solo films are a great idea/but they are being used wrong

Rogue One was a good movie, but it wasn't Star Wars. Star Wars and the Force go hand in hand. Han Solo spinoff is an ok idea but they can do better. Make the solo films instead of being under a Star Wars Story banner use an Origins banner. Make Origin stories for the Force, Jedi, and Dark Jedi/Sith. Make filling in stories for characters like Satele Shan, Obi One Kenobi, and the survivors of order 66.

Make a post Jedi/Dark Jedi Origins tv series

There would still be a gap between Jedi Origins and Star Wars: The Old Republic trilogy. Make a live-action tv series to fill in that gap (each season a different century?) with villains including Darth Andeddu, Darth Ruin, Darth Traya, and Darth Krayt.

Make more Force users than Jedi/Sith/Dark Jedi

In legends their were deviations of the Jedi like groups that believed to let the force flow through you and not to try to control it. Or create a new Force user as in a singer who sings through the Force and controls people through that (like a siren).

Don't run Star Wars into the ground

Too many films will run this franchise into the ground. When Disney finishes up its Force Awakens trilogy and three solo films (Rogue One, Han Solo, and Boba Fett) they should wrap the series up with the Revan/Meetra/Old Republic trilogy, and final trilogy with the end of the Star Wars Universe, six solo/origin films, and live-action tv series.

Make better merchandise

When I was young, my favorite thing to do at the store was look at the Star Wars action figures. They are one of the best things you can make from a film. Now they are either non-existent or cheap. Make better action figures with lots of options, board games (as in an Old Republic/Prequel/Clone Wars Season 3-6 Star Wars monopoly), trading cards (who wouldn't want a Star Wars the Clone Wars/Old Republic/Prequel/Origins/tv series/Legends trading card collection), video/computer games (like the Old Republic), etc.

Those are my thoughts, what do you think? What are your ideas? Please comment and have fun!

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