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Hey guys, sorry for not posting, I'll start to post more often now. Now, please enjoy this article!

In this article I will breakdown the two promos from, and predict some things shown from it. First I will break down the promo given by CW below

This promo starts out with Iris who could cleary see that Barry was hiding something from her. I pretty sure Barry was acting really weird, and Iris just decidedto pull him aside and asked him what was happening. But either Barry lied to her, or took her to the time vault, because you could pretty much tell that when Barry told her what was happening, it was in the time vault, meaning that Barry has showed her the newspaper. Moving on, it shows the team trying to figure out how to save Iris, or HR is trying to show them how them that they really should make a S.T.A.R Labs museum(I'm leaning on the first one). After that scene, you could see if you pause really fast, or just watch the actual scene right here, you can see the subtitles say, "Killer Frost, still at large." and "S.T.A.R Labs Museum." Let's just all pray none of these happen even though right after that, you can see Caitlin turning into Killer Frost. After that scene, you can see Iris crying, which I'm sure all of us would do if we found out we were going to get murdered, and Barry telling her that he would protect her. Look, I don't want to sound rude or anything, but if he had protected her, she wouldn't have even died in the future. Just saying. After that, you can see HR randomly knocking down dominoes that had been there for no apparent reason. HR probably set that up for glamor. So after that scene, you can see Barry talking to Wally, telling him that Iris needs a hero, and that they can alter the future. Wally was probably in denial when Barry told the team that Iris would die,so this is Barry's talk to try to convince him to protect Iris no matter what. After that, you can see a short scene of plunder robbing a bank, and Plunder jumping his motorcycle over a car. Anyway, you could see that after that, Cisco is getting ready to vibe him back to the future, so Barry could try to find out how Iris died by asking Future Barry. Also, Caitlin is counting down from 3-1 really slowly before she fires up the machine to send Barry to the future. Okay we are now done with this promo, let's move on to the next one.

It starts out with Caitlin talking(probably to Barry) that he can't do it alone. Barry was probably acting distant after he saw the future, and trying to block out the team because he thinks that Iris' death was only caused because she was in his life. So if he blocks them out, they'll live(just a prediction). After that, you can see Wally taking down Plunder, announcing that he is called, "Kid Flash", and there are a bunch of what it looks like a bunch of cheerleaders. I'm guessing Wally took Plunder up to display him to the entire Central City to show Central City that there was a new hero in town. After that, you can see Wally putting his suit right where Barry's suit should be. After capturing Plunder, or becoming the new "flashy"(pun intended) hero, he pretty much got cocky, and put his suit right where Barry's suit was supposed to be. Then, on the final scene I'll review, it shows Iris going up to gunpoint, on what looks like Plunder, or just some decoy set up by plunder.As you could see before, there were titles that said, "Power or no power, the hero lies within." I'm pretty sure Iris was trying to convince the guys that he shouldn't shoot the people, and by doing that, she would go up to the gun and try to prove that he wouldn't shoot her.

Okay guys, this is all I have right now, please follow me, share, and comment below!

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