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Hates spiders, loves the smell of coffee, hates the taste of coffee, loves comics, is not a big fan of cinemas, loves the home cinema with h, how he got so easily controlled and manipulated during the "Infinity" saga, I see him more like "dangerous, if in the wrong hands" kind of guy...this storyline just made my respect for his authority and knowledge fade until a point, where I even have to reconsider if I like him at all anymore. Basically, he made several decisions in the younger comics, that are worth to think about... ...and this win vs Namor? Stingray? Put this one up again, like 5 times. I bet Namor will win 4 of 5, if we count that one situation as win for Stingray. Namor was weakened, when Stingray attacked. And Namor is not close to being strong enough to appear on any kind of Top 5 list :-D

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