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Inventor Creates Amazing Functional Iron Man Gauntlets

Calling all major Geeks! Scientists and engineers are out there working hard every day to craft impossible dreams into a tangible reality. Some are privileged to have a lot of funding and guidance for their experiments and laboratories. But others, who are driven by a vision and ability, are still able to create absolutely amazing contraptions with the equipment they have at their home.

Take the all-metal Iron-Man gauntlets in these videos, for example. They are hand-made by Patrick Priebe, with some of the finest craftsmanship. While these objects are absolutely amazing to behold, they are not just toys to be idly played with by just anyone. They really pack a lot of power! These laser-equipped gauntlets use 1.2 Watt blue lasers for their destruction and a few megawatt lasers for aiming. They run on multiple powerful lithium iron battery cells, and are strong enough to burn wood.

If you ever find yourself with your hands on a laser this powerful, under no circumstances should it be used without protective eyewear. This is a weapons-grade tool that can have a very powerful electrostatic discharge.

Whenever new and awe-inspiring tools come into our hands, we can only hope that they will be used with wisdom and restraint. Whenever we are dealing with immense power, we must always remember to exercise our responsibility with due diligence in respect to our safety, and the well-being of others.

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Well there you have Folks! We can all become Iron Man now! Now lets see if they can come up with Tony's Fortune first!


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