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OMG I HAVE A FREAKING FOLLOWER AND ON TOP OF THAT FIVE WHOLE FREAKING PEOPLE HAVE SPENT THE TIME TO READ MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for you 5 people taking your time to read my work and 1 amazing person actually subscribing! I know it sounds like I'm giving a speech for an Brit award or something but little things to other people are really big to me! I started this blog thinking nobody would ever read it and now I have ONE WHOLE FREAKING SUBSCRIBER! Thank you sooooooo much! And while I'm here au may as well post a quote.

Don't talk to me because you're 'bored'
I'm not here to entertain you
And don't come to me only when you need a favour
I don't like being used

I just love that quote. AND MY FREAKING SUBSCRIBER!!!

Love, Lolzipop xx

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