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I can’t believe how fast December came. It feels like yesterday that I saw the teaser trailer for and now I’m going to see the movie this weekend. Like many of us, I want to see Rogue One because I simply love and the its massive universe. But my hype for Rogue One extends farther. For me, movies are everything. Every weekend you will find me at my local movie theater seeing the latest premiere. I’ve immersed myself into the intricate world of cinema, becoming almost an embodiment of the whole cinematic experience. When it comes to Rogue One, as it did with , two of my favorite worlds collided: Film and , or in this case, Star Wars. So, when I saw that Donnie Yen, Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Forest Whitaker and an ensemble of movie giants were starring in Rogue One, I lost it! I’ve been following the careers of Felicity Jones and Donnie Yen for a while, watching many of their movies, and after seeing Mads Mikkelsen in Doctor Strange, my hype for Rogue One was unfathomable. Every movie I see, I not only see for the movie-going experience though it’s a huge part, but I also love to explore the movies, going deep into discovering the people that made it a reality. That is why I’m excited to see Rogue One, because I’m once again diving into my childhood dreams of the Force, but at the same time I’m experiencing a cinematic spectacle that I’m sure will leave me in wonder. Also Darth Vader... I REALLY like Darth Vader!

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