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If there’s one thing I love about other than producing it, is listening to it, all of it. No kidding, you can find me listening to Frank Sinatra and then all of a sudden I’m jamming to Barrington Levy's dancehall sound. An hour later I’m on Youtube watching Rick Astley’s "Together Forever" and the next hour I’ve already gone through 10 songs of classic '80s and a mix of Mexican Ranchero music. Persistence and dedication are some of the many aspects that make a good music producer, but if you want to be great, you can’t only listen to the genre of music you typically make.

I love music and to me it comes naturally the urge to listen to any genre I'm lucky to discover. Today I want to speak about a certain type of genre and one specific band. That genre is rock and that band is . Back in the day I used to be obsessed with Linkin Park (still am) and Evanescence, but Nickelback’s music was really something else. Today I visited their songs again after many years of silence and man, how I'm glad I did. Here are some of the songs that over the past several weeks have turned my day into peaks of joy.

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1. Savin' Me

The best way to describe "Savin' Me' is with one word, beautiful. Accompanied by a music video that will sure leave you thinking about the blessing that is life, "Savin' Me" is a masterpiece that I listen to over and over. This is definitely rock at its best.

2. Hero

This is probably my favorite song from the legendary band! Nickelback has lyrics that dive deep into our social and philosophical ideals and "Hero" is no exception. Not only is "Hero" amazing, it's also the official song of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Believe me when I tell you I constantly repeat this song and it never gets old.

3. If Today Was Your Last Day

As my fellow friend and Creator Julian Bahmani said, Nickelback has tremendous melodies. "If Today Was Your Last Day" enters my list of timeless classics. That enchanting melody that it carries through its four minutes of divine rhythm is the reason why. Take a listen, and make sure to turn up the volume.

4. If Everyone Cared

A classic indeed, "If Everyone Cared" is the song that most people think of when speaking of Nickelback. And why wouldn't they? The song has a beautiful message that in these times of inequality and division, should really be taken into consideration. What a song!

5. Someday

I love this song and the music video even more. There's something about Chad Kroeger's voice that's simply fantastically captivating. Someday I hope to meet the guy.

6. How You Remind Me

Love songs are never going away and that's a good thing. "How You Remind Me" is one of the principle reasons it shouldn't. The song definitely reminds me of past memories. Love can hurt and it can scar, but like Bob Marley once said:

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

7. Santana - Into The Night (Ft. Chad Kroeger)

What happens when you mix a Mexican guitar legend and one of rock music's best singers? "Into The Night," baby! One of the best things to come out of the 2000s.

I don't know why Nickelback is disliked by a vast number of people. Their music is love, hope and optimism. Add to that the word beautiful and excellent. If you are a music producer like me, please listen to this amazing band. You will not be disappointed, rather, you will replay their songs, over and over, and over and...

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