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Before I was known by the epic name of Lone Lez, my artistic name was pretty simple. Take my real name, Carlos Rosario, and add “production” after it and voila! Carlos Rosario Productions was born and it stuck for a very long time. Not surprising, right?

What is surprising, at least to me, is that when I started producing the first beat I ever created, and the first song I ever recorded was a song.

I'm from Dominican Republic and back in the day my favorite producers were from the Reggaeton genre. So it’s a bit unusual that a 13 year-old beatmaker (yup, a beatmaker at the time) instead of making Spanish bangers would be making Trance like a Tiësto-wannabe.

Seven years later and I find it amusing, but it’s a piece of my history that I truly enjoy and that has shaped the way I see and feel about music today. It was because of Trance music that I was finally able to finish my first beat and create my first song.

The Young Producer Meets Trance And YouTube

Image Credit: SplitShire
Image Credit: SplitShire

By no means is Trance the “beginner’s genre,” and that first beat was horrible by the way (more on that later), but when you have a kid with Fruity Loops and stock sounds and with no idea on how to use the program, then becomes your best friend. And Trance music was the only genre with tutorials available on the website. I wanted to make Reggaeton beats, but Trance was the only option. Here is how my journey begins:

I started making beats in 2009/2010 at around the age of 13. My favorite producers were the Reggaeton legends Luny Tunes and my young mind knew the genre only as Techno. My favorite artist was Daddy Yankee and my main goal was to emulate his sound. If there was one thing I always wanted to accomplish with the production software, was to make a beat just like Luny Tunes.

Seven years later and it’s an easy process, but back in 2010 my 13 year-old self was pulling his hair out of his head.

I decided that in order to learn the program I should at least make something that sounded somewhat good, right? That’s when I fell in love with YouTube.

The site was and still is producer-Heaven. I have immense gratitude for the millions of people that put time and effort to bring music tutorials to newbies around the world. I used to be a newbie, but still today I always find the time to learn new techniques and other new things. I have seven years using Fruity Loops and there are still new things I learn about the program.

Well, keeping with the story...

My First Beat Was Horrible

Image Credit: belindler
Image Credit: belindler

It was an absolute mess. As a reference I would always have “Sandstorm” by Darude or "DoTA" by Basshunter playing on a different browser tab. Listening to them always helped me stay motivated. But it was Tiësto’s music that was the base for what became my first try at an electronic beat. I attempted to remake one of his songs.

The song I would always play from Tiësto was either "Adagio For Strings" or "Elements Of Life." I tried making one of those two songs, but the failure was super real. I’m telling you, the levels of failure were over 9000. I even tried to make the aforementioned "DotA," but that was also met with failure. Still, I didn’t give up!

I decided to step away from the remake game and finally make my own original beat. I kept the drum patterns from my horrendous remakes and deleted all of the horrible melodies I had made. I created my own and later added some “special effects.” It was done, my first beat! And for some weird reason I decided to call it “The Time Machine.”

I later wrote lyrics to it and recorded my first song on an Avid USB microphone my dad had bought me from Guitar Center. And yes, the song was about time travel. Very weird, I know.

No lie, I thought I was the next Tiësto! Oh man, I was so happy with my new song that I wanted to make more and more. Music production became more than a hobby, it became a way of life. And the rest is history. I can now make any genre and every time I sit down to make music, it's the best feeling in the world.

Thank you, YouTube and thank you, Trance. Oh, and you too and Basshunter.

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