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Let me tell you about a song that will never get out of your head. I came across “The Exodus Song” by listening to Andy Williams' Pandora station. I was instantly hooked.

Days would pass and I would skip every song on Pandora until I had finally reached the song again. When Pandora wouldn't comply to my listening choices I would swing by YouTube and melt my soul again with Andy Williams or Pat Boone's voice.

I had a feeling the song was part of a movie since it has a triumphant orchestral sound. What I didn’t know was that the song belonged to one of ’s greatest historical films, Exodus.

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Exodus (1960)

"Exodus" - [Credit: United Artists, MGM]
"Exodus" - [Credit: United Artists, MGM]

The genius mind behind the beautiful composition of Exodus was the late Ernest Gold. The movie tells the story of the creation of Israel, adapted from the book "Exodus" by Leon Uris.

Released in 1960, Exodus has similar cinematography to the 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia. It runs for an astonishing three hours and a half; an ordinary length for historical feature films at the time. While the movie is long and visually vibrant, the is the real spectacle.

Whenever I’m listening to film scores, Gold’s Exodus theme song is among the first I play now. But aside from the song’s magnificent composition, there’s also more reasons to acknowledge it as a classic.

Gold won the for Best Original Score in 1960 for the Exodus soundtrack and also won the for Best Soundtrack Album, as well as Song of the Year for the Exodus theme song in 1961. The critics got it right!

Now, listen below and prepare to go on a musical ride!

What a score! Now check out below Andy Williams' vocal version of "The Exodus Song!"

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