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Why is so awesome? Her is amazing, her music videos are like movies and she signed me a poster!

The Romanian superstar went from making catchy house songs to creating a unique tropical sound, capturing the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

It would be almost impossible to make an ordered list of Inna's best songs since they are all great, so today we’ll be listing five of the classic songs that elevated the beautiful artist to global stardom.

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5. "Hot"

  • Produced By: Play & Win
  • Released: 2008

Many fans consider "Hot" to be the song that made the name Inna a house heavyweight. A house music classic, "Hot" is a song that you'll be constantly replaying.

4. "Deja Vu" (feat. Bob Taylor)

  • Produced By: Play & Win
  • Released: 2009

Inna's voice accompanied by a beat from Play & Win is pure elegance, always. "Deja Vu" is one of the catchiest songs you'll ever hear and that's not a bad thing. Don't be surprised if you find yourself singing that unforgettable hook.

3. "Amazing"

  • Produced By: Play & Win
  • Released: 2008

The title of the song doesn't lie, "Amazing" is amazing. It will definitely make you get up and dance. The music video is equally amazing, with tropical vibes perfect for a beach party.

2. "Un Momento" (feat. Juan Magan)

  • Produced By: Play & Win, Juan Magan
  • Released: 2011

"Un Momento" gave us Inna performing in her sexy Spanish voice, proving she needs to make a Spanish album asap! The song's use of rhythm guitars and flamenco elements totally brings "Un Momento" to the next level.

1. "Sun Is Up"

  • Produced By: Play & Win
  • Released: 2011

The first song I listened from Inna, "Sun Is Up" is the track that made her famous! When you have a catchy beat, good lyrics, an angel's voice and a vibrant music video, well, watch for yourself above. The best of the best!

Today, Inna is a mega superstar with a repertory of hits that will never get old. Thanks to these songs and many more, the Romanian queen known as Inna is one among today's music's greats!

What's your favorite Inna song from the last decade? Let me know in the comments below!

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