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Romania is full of beautiful, energetic and groovy . The house genre is one of the country's most popular musical exports, with artists like Inna, Alexandra Stan and Edward Maya leading the scene. Famous for its use of "popcorn" plucks, rhythm guitars, saxophones and accordions, Romanian is currently dominating the electronic dance industry.

Like the aforementioned Inna and Alexandra Stan, there's one more Romanian artist under the Global Records umbrella that's taking house by storm. That artist is Antonia. To celebrate here are three songs that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with the Romanian singer.

3. Antonia - "Chica Loca"

Global Records' roster of artists is impeccable and leading the team is Antonia. "Chica Loca" is one of Antonia's most known songs due to its catchy rhythm and unforgettable hook. Definitely one of my favorites from the amazing singer!

2. Antonia - "Dor de Tine"

I don't speak or understand Romanian but I still enjoy Antonia's latest song "Dor de Tine." The track is hot, catchy and has an international vibe that will sure place Antonia on the worldwide stage.

1. Antonia - "Marabou"

Only one word describes "Marabou" and that word is perfection. The song will take you on a trip through your favorite tropical getaway and the music video will leave you speechless, seriously. "Marabou" is my favorite Antonia song and I'm not afraid to say it!

What are you waiting for? Go listen to Antonia now!

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