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Ed Sheeran just released his new album, ÷ (Divide), and it's amazing, simply amazing. The album is filled with unique sounds from all over the world and if you liked Sheeran's new style in "Shape Of You," there's plenty more of that in Divide. But Sheeran's romantic essence isn't absent either. Songs like "Perfect" and "Dive" captures the love and style of music that made Sheeran a superstar. "Perfect" might even replace 2014's "Thinking Out Loud" as the perfect wedding song.

My favorite songs from the album are "Bibia Be Ye Ye" and "Nancy Mulligan." The former was produced in Ghana by Killbeatz, Benny Blanco and Sheeran, and the vibes it emits makes me get up and dance every time. It's crazy-catchy and pure fun, specially the beautiful guitar melody and the fast-tempo drum beat reminiscent of Shakira's "Waka Waka."

"Nancy Mulligan" captures the spirit of Ireland. From its Irish folk rhythm to Sheeran's vocal performance, the song is a fantastic tribute to the country and his grandparents. I hope Sheeran continues to incorporate more Irish sounds into his music and even Sheeran believes more artists should do so. When speaking with the Irish Times, Sheeran said:

I don’t think enough people use [Irish music] in pop music. For some reason it’s considered twee and old, but it’s such exciting, youthful music, it should be at the forefront of pop culture. Hopefully if these songs are successful, more people will do a bit more like it.

What an album! Check it out on Spotify below or you can listen to each song on Sheeran's YouTube channel.

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