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It's that time of year folks. Time to pour yourself a glass of eggnog, make some popcorn and sit down with your loved ones to watch some classic Christmas movies on TV.

However, there's nothing that will make holiday movie lovers say, "Bah, humbug," more than coming across a film they think is a Christmas classic, only to find out it's the remake.

So if you're looking avoid the worst remakes of movies that take place during that most wonderful time of the year, here are six films you'll definitely want to miss.

1. Miracle on 34th Street

You know it's a bad sign when Maureen O'Hara has literally laughed about how all the remakes of Miracle on 34th Street have been awful. However, we'll just stick to the 1994 remake starring the late Richard Attenborough.

While the actors aren't bad, the film does little to update from the original. This movie just seems unnecessary because it's just the first movie again, but with different actors. You'd be better off just watching the original 1947 movie. While this film is not the worst remake of a Christmas film ever, it's definitely the most pointless.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

While this film has its fans, it can't be denied that this is a downright spit in the face of Dr. Suess' classic animated short. While Jim Carrey does do his best to make something out of his performance of the , the overall film was uncomfortably dark and mean-spirited.

Carrey gives what is probably his loudest and most annoying performance in a movie to date and the Who's are all materialistic, shallow and just downright unlikable. They try to throw in way too much adult humor into a movie that was meant for little kids. The film also has little to no bright colors to its picture even though this is based on a children's cartoon.

While some people might claim this film as their favorite holiday film, others would call it an abomination of a great Dr. Suess story.

3. Scrooged

The story of has always been rather darkly toned but Scrooged decided to add sadistic and mean-spirited to that mix. Instead of the quiet and cranky Ebenezer Scrooge, we get a loud and incredibly obnoxious Frank Cross played by Bill Murray.

decides to take away anything subtle or beautifully quiet moment from the original Charles Dickens story and just replace it with loud unwanted comedy. The whole feel of this movie is just unpleasant and makes you feel dirty while watching. A Christmas Carol should never be remade into a comedy, the original story is about an old man's journey from a bitter and dark past to a brighter future not just for him but others around him.

A Christmas Carol isn't suppose to make you laugh, it's suppose to make you think and feel which is something that Scrooged failed to do.

4. Black Christmas

While the original isn't as popular as the other original classics on this list, it has gained quite a cult following over past few years. The original has been describe as an influential small horror film that was one of the first true slasher films and kept the audience guessing until the credits rolled. So, it only makes sense that they remake it as a by-the-books teeny-bopper slasher film with little to no surprises.

The only good thing that possibly came out of this movie was that gave us Katie Cassidy for Arrow and Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Although it's doubtful that either of them will be putting this film on their resume.

5. It Happened One Christmas

It would seem not even perfect Christmas movies are untouchable from the curse of terrible remakes. It Happened One Christmas is a remake of but with the roles reversed. Instead of it being about George Bailey's journey to discover how meaningful his life is, it's instead his wife Mary Hatch that gets the angel treatment - and that's about it.

Oh no wait, you'll only wish that was about it. Not only is this remake completely pointless but it has none of the charm or good spirits of the original film. However, one of the biggest sins of this movie is what they did to the character of George Bailey, the compassionate and kind protagonist of the original movie.

When Mary Hatch is running around trying to see if anyone would recognize her, she runs into her 'husband.' When Mary tells him that she is his wife, he immediately goes along with it and tries to force her into his house to have sex with her. It's about as disrespectful as you can get with a classic character. Do yourself a favor and try to skip this holiday dud for the Christmas season.

6. A Christmas Story 2

Even though this is technically a sequel rather than remake, it was made almost thirty years after the original and it does take most of its 'humor' and ideas from the first movie, which is what a remake does.

Christmas Story 2 takes place five years after the events of the first film and now centers around Ralphie trying to get a car for Christmas. Almost every joke or idea in the this movie is taken from the more popular predecessor and every new joke or idea is uncomfortably awkward.

Hey remember the leg lamp - IT'S FUNNY!!!
Hey remember the leg lamp - IT'S FUNNY!!!

The daydreams are more uncomfortable than funny with one of them revolved around Nazism. There's a scene where Ralphie has a spasm during a music class while fantasizing about a girl he likes. There's even a scene where Ralphie dresses up like a reindeer for a job and gets into a fight with a charity collector on the street by jumping uncontrollably. It's really painful to watch.

Daniel Stern, Marv from Home Alone, plays the Old Man this time around and he does everything to make this guy the most unlikable jerk. He belittles his wife in front of his kids, yells and screams at pretty much anything and is just incredibly obnoxious. The first Christmas Story managed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, the sequel managed to make you feel nothing but nausea.

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