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Christmas is a time for giving, good-tidings and togetherness with the loved ones in your life - But it's important to try and enjoy it anyway. Sometimes, instead of trying to force conversation with your relatives and watching crappy holiday specials, you just want to lock yourself away in your room and play some .

If you're having trouble picking a certain game to play this holiday season, check out these six insanely strange but also lovable Christmas themed video games.

1. Saints Row IV: How the Saints Saved Christmas

The franchise has never been afraid to dive into extreme zaniness for a couple of laughs. First they were silly, then they were outrageous and then they were in space battling aliens. So, it's not too out there to assume that the Saints would have to save Christmas from a futuristic warlord.

This tie-in manages to parody such holiday classics like Die Hard, A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a plenty of others that you know and love. You'll absolutely love running around in an ugly sweater shooting gingerbread men with your BB gun. You might even learn the true meaning of Christmas, somehow.

2. Snatcher

Ok - So this game is about a man who battles an evil group of robots known as “Snatchers” while including a gratuitous shower sex scene and a graphic image of a dead dog. Oh and it just so happens that this game was written and directed by Hideo Kojima who also worked on the games.

So, what does a hyper-violent and adult-themed cyberpunk game have to do with Christmas? Well, not only is it set during the holiday season but one of the protagonist's informants disguises himself as Santa Claus to throw the Snatchers off his scent. Isn't that a weird tie-in?

3. Santa Claus Saves the Earth

It's the night before Christmas and all through 's workshop everyone is preparing for a long night of delivering presents. However, an evil fairy named Nilam decides to be a dick for no reason and transport Santa to a magical realm and hold him there against his will.

Santa must now fight against all odds and escape the magical land by fighting such common enemies like cowboys... cavemen... and torch-wielding minotaurs. While the game makes little to no sense, you can't help but love how unbelievably weird this Chirstmas themed video game is.

4. Elf Bowling

So Santa's elves have gone on strike because of long work hours and no time off for vacation. What rational thing does Santa do to solve the problem? Throws bowling balls at them of course.

In addition, the elves taunt Santa by mooning him and occasionally a white rabbit appears onscreen and poops across the bowling lane. Oh, and there’s also a reindeer you can knock unconscious with your ball. If you love raunchy humor during the holiday season, then you'll love this strange inappropriate game.

5. Bully - The Red Nosed Santa

In the middle of Jimmy Hopkins' rise to take over Bullworth Academy, he just happened to meet a crazy homeless man named Rudy dressed as Santa who just wants to spread Christmas cheer. Even though this mission was only available on the Scholarship Edition of the game, it can't be denied how strange this detour was from the main game.

You do it all. You fight midgets dressed as elves, collect garbage for Rudy's Christmas wonderland and presumably kidnap children to sit on his lap and take pictures of their smiles. And after you complete the mission, Rudy leaves the game completely and you never hear from him again. Creepy huh?

6. Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter

Are you a hardcore fan? Then you'll love blowing away aliens wearing Santa hats while Nukem lets out one of his cool catchphrases. Only thing is, in this game, Santa is a villain.

The alien horde from the original Duke Nukem 3D is back and this time they brainwashed Santa Claus. Duke must also face a new enemies known as the Feminist Elven Militia and evil Snowmen. Duke needs to fight his way to the North Pole to stop Santa and the evil alien maggots from completing their diabolical plan of world domination.

Even though this expansion was mostly panned by critics and fans alike for offering few new ideas, no new weapons and the same old Nukem one-liners, this is a game where Duke Nukem saves Christmas, how can you not love that premise?

Which one do you think is the strangest Christmas video game?

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