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2016 was supposed to be the year that finally broke the curse of video game movies. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Last year we saw Ratchet & Clank, Warcraft and Assassin's Creed make it to the big screen. Ratchet & Clank was mostly forgettable, Assassin's Creed was kind of boring and critics actually compared Warcraft to Battlefield Earth, wildly considered the worst science fiction film of all time.

For too long have gamers been waiting for a truly great video game adaptation. That said, here are six franchises that have the potential to be that film we all need.

1. Murdered: Soul Suspect

[Credit: Airtight Games]
[Credit: Airtight Games]

Why: While this wasn't a very successful game, it did have a fairly intriguing plot. A criminal turned Police Detective named Ronan O'Connor is on the search for a serial killer on the loose called the Bell Killer. While on the case, Ronan takes a wrong turn and is killed by the Bell Killer and left as a ghost.

He soon learns that in order to reach the afterlife and be with his deceased wife he must solve the case as a wandering spirit. Ronan is able to use an array of special abilities to help him solve the case such as walking through walls, possession and teleportation. Soul Suspect did take a few strange and unwanted twists but a movie could easily fix that.

The game also takes place in a fictionalized version of Salem, so a film franchise could easily be made around this source material.

Director: Scott Derrickson or James Wan would be very good picks.

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal or Charlie Hunnam could bring the rugged Ronan to life while Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things would be great as the creepy ghost, Abigail.

2. Doom

[Credit: id Software]
[Credit: id Software]

Why: Yes, Universal already had their crack at the bat with this one back in 2005 but this can still be an easy film to make. If Hardcore Henry has taught us anything, it's that you can make an entertaining action film, all in first-person view, with little to no story.

The series simply follows one lone marine as he navigates himself through a base on Mars that has been overrun with creatures from Hell. Throw in some good stunt work, some cool weapons from the video game, some Hell Knights and there might be room for a kick-ass action flick somewhere. While the film version of this wouldn't be cinematic art, it would certainly be one hell of a fun ride.

Director: It'd be great to have some who can direct good hardcore action that is crisp and fun to watch. Someone like Gareth Evans (The Raid, The Raid 2) would be a great choice. If that doesn't work, Ilya Naishuller off of Hardcore Henry could have a lot of fun with this movie.

Cast: The cast in this kind of film probably wouldn't matter as this would just be a movie where the action would be above everything else. You would need some actors that could add to the adrenaline but not overtake the intention of the film. The cast could include Nicolas Cage, Gary Busey, Stephen Lang or maybe Dwayne Johnson could have another try at the franchise.

3. Infamous

[Credit: Sucker Punch Productions]
[Credit: Sucker Punch Productions]

We have so many films these days that show the paragon protagonist fighting the forces of evil and always saving the world in the end. But, what if we had superhero movie about a super-powered man who didn't know if he wanted to be good or evil with his newfound abilities? It would be compelling as hell.

Infamous follows Cole MacGrath, a man who gains the power of electricity and near-invulnerability in a freak accident. Throughout the game, MacGrath is given choices on whether he wants to be famous or infamous with his powers.

Does he want to spread freedom and hope across the city or fear and panic. It's about time we got a superhero film that challenged us with the notion that being a superhero ain't all fun and games and that anyone can let the power go to their head.

Director: Someone with a superhero background but can also deal with heavy drama and compelling themes. Shane Black or Kenneth Branagh could work very well with this source material.

Cast: A gruff, mean-looking actor would be needed for this character. Maybe Jason Statham, Christian Bale or Chris Pine could work. For the character of Zeke, a funny and slightly overweight actor would be needed. Kevin Smith or Jack Black would fit the role perfectly.

4. Firewatch

[Credit: Campo Santo]
[Credit: Campo Santo]

Why: This was the surprise thriller hit of 2016. It was creepy, intriguing and it threw surprise after surprise at you.

The game follows Henry, a man looking to escape his troubles at home by taking a summer job as a fire lookout in the Shoshone National Forest. While on the job, you communicate with your supervisor, Delilah, who seems to be fighting her own demons as well.

While on the job, Henry starts enduring some strange events throughout the summer including vandalism on his tower, interception on his radio and the constant feeling that someone is watching him.

Films like Moon or Castaway prove that you can have a compelling movie centered around one singular character dealing with isolation and Firewatch would be a thrilling ride for movie fans and fans of the video game.

Director: A director is required who is talented enough to capture to isolation that the game was getting across and also the surrealness of being stalked in the forest. Directors like Duncan Jones or Danny Boyle would be great picks for the film.

Cast: Henry is a very sarcastically humorous but also depressed individual, so a dramatic actor would be required to capture the character. Jeremy Renner or Joseph Gordon-Levitt could portray the character perfectly.

For the voice of Delilah, a sexy but dramatically demanding voice would be required. Scarlett Johansson or Christina Hendricks could fit the bill.

5. The Secret of Monkey Island

[Credit: LucasArts]
[Credit: LucasArts]

Why: This game was not only fun to play but it also had writing, like really funny writing. The story follows wannabe pirate, Guybrush Threepwood, who just wants to be taken seriously as the rest of the tough pirates in the game but usually falls victim to ridicule.

The first half of the game is just him trying to prove himself a great pirate by swordfighting, thieving and finding buried treasure. The second part of the game is him being shoved into the role of pirate captain as he charters a ship with the most infuriating crew to Monkey Island to save Threepwood's love interest, Governor Marley.

The game is full of great satire and would be hilarious to put on the big screen, in either live-action or animated.

Director: Clearly a director known for taking ideas that sound dumb on paper but make them into comedy gold. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller would be perfect to embrace the hilarious satire and the physical humor.

Cast: In order to capture the awkward nerd type of Guybrush Threepwood, you'll need an actor who has perfected the awkward nerd type. Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg could capture that perfectly.

For the fiery redhead character of Governor Elaine Marley, Emma Stone, Isla Fisher or Amy Adams would be terrific for the role.

6. Mario

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

Why: This movie needs to be made mostly because of redemption. This franchise needs redemption and it needs it now because of what happened the last time Nintendo decided to let a studio create a film about their most popular character.

However, no live-action this time around. This idea cannot work in the world on reality, this needs to be an animated film and there is only one company that can do it justice and that's . Pixar to be more exact.

The crisp animation of today with some of the good comedy and writing that the studios have been producing in the last few years, this is a no-brainer to green light.

Director: If it's a Pixar production, big names like John Lasseter or Pete Docter would be on the top of the list to direct. Docter has directing credits for animated giants like Up, Inside Out and Monsters Inc. Lasseter on the other hand has directed Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and A Bug's Life.

Cast: Obviously the original actor Charles Martinet should return to do the voice of the famed plumber. If not, Disney could probably find a replacement with the voice and the rest of the characters.


Which of these video games would you want to see on the big screen?

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