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You know how the stories go, friend sets you up on a blind date, you meet your one true love and live happily ever after. Well, almost the exact opposite happened to me back in 2013.

After going through a breakup, a newer friend of mine wanted to set me up with a girl she recently met at her work. I wasn't really that into blind dating because I would feel really awkward if I didn't find the girl attractive but I decided to suck it up and go on the date anyway. My friend told me to meet my date, we'll call her Jess, at a Montana's next to a Cineplex because you can't go wrong with a dinner/movie first date.

I met her and she was actually very attractive and seemed pretty nice. She had nice long brown hair, cute smile and a pretty rockin' body. I was immediately invested into this date now. However, once we sat down in the restaurant, I made a horrible discovery.

After talking for about 20 minutes, I soon discovered that Jess and I had literally nothing in common because she was so uninteresting and downright mean. Now I know what you're thinking, there must have been something to connect me and Jess but unfortunately, you'd be wrong. This was back when I was trying to get into the industry and when I told her this, she declared me a fool for getting into such a "ridiculous" career. When I tried to have a debate about this, she called me a gamer loser who needs to get a life.

I decided to try and change the subject to my interest in comic book and and that's when she outright started laughing at me and asking me if I was 12-years-old. When I told her that a lot of comic book fans were not just kids, she just nodded her head sarcastically and winked at me. I figured that I was simply not going to get anywhere talking about my interests and hobbies, so I shifted the conversation to her.

She went on to talk for about half-an-hour about her favorite sports teams and their stats. When I told her that I wasn't really into sports, she rolled her eyes and said, "Why, because Spider-Man and Batman aren't in the game." By this point, I decided that I wasn't not interested in seeing this girl again and was going to skip out on the movie after dinner. After slogging through the rest of dinner, I finally asked for the check and told her that I wasn't interested in seeing a movie with her.

Me trying to get out of this date
Me trying to get out of this date

She actually agreed saying that she had to work early in the morning. When I got the check for dinner, Jess asked me when I would like to go out on a second date. That's when I almost laughed because this date had been so torturous for me. I simply told her that we were nothing alike and I wasn't interested in seeing her again. That's when I got a reaction I did not expect from this girl.

She looked at me very angrily and started raising her voice asking me why I wasn't interested in her and then she immediately started crying like a banshee in the middle of the restaurant. Everyone was staring at us but I could tell that a lot of the meaner looks were coming my way. I was frozen, not knowing what to do with the situation.

I tried to sternly tell her to calm down because she was making a fool of herself and me but that just made her more angry and cry harder. At that point, two other women came over to the table and started comforting her and telling her that it was alright. After talking with her for a bit, the girls looked at me like I was the worst guy in the world. Soon, the manager just came out as well, another woman, and asked what the situation was. Jess and the two women told them the whole "story" and the manager said that the meal was complimentary to the restaurant.

I just thought, "Cool, free meal for a crappy date." But then the manager looked straight at me and told me that I still had to pay for my meal as a lesson to treat women with more respect. I didn't have the patience to explain my side of the story, so I just paid $23 for my meal and just walked out, with everyone still silently looking at me.

When I told my friend how the date went, she felt so awful that she apologized to me for the next couple of weeks. She never spoke to Jess again and I never heard from her again - Which is just fine by me.

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