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You might be wondering... Why do I love the Star Wars prequels? Don't they suck? Actually, there are many reasons why I love the prequels, but there is one in particular...

The Star Wars prequels shows us what we love most about Star Wars!

Yes, the prequel trilogy has many problems: Bad storyline, Jar Jar, bad characters, Jar Jar, you get the point. But the reason I LOVE the Star Wars prequels is because of the use of CGI! You'll probably be wondering why the hell I like the CGI in the prequels, well your wrong, I don't. The HORRIBLE CGI in the prequels showed us what we love most about Star Wars: the practicality!

Think... If they hadn't used so much CGI in the prequels, they might've referred to a HUGE amount of CGI in The Force Awakens and other upcoming sequels. All the sins and burdens that were the prequels were carefully thought over and helped shape the [amazing] Force Awakens!

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