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These are the beings that brought destruction to the Dragon Ball world and forced our heroes to transcend to new heights. These are the top ten strongest Dragon Ball villains.

10. Androids 18 and 17

This sibling duo have brought fear and destruction to two DBZ timelines. They are hard to defeat due to their solar cells which give them perpetual Ki without the need to charge. Their feats include single-handedly killing all the Z- Fighters in the future timeline.

9. Super Android 13

This being is the fusion of Androids 13, 14, and 15. His S.S. Deadly Bomber is a force to be reckoned with, as it follows its opponents wherever they go, making resistance futile.

8. Hatchiyack

Hatchiyack is actually a living super computer invented by a Tuffle scientist. His only objective is to destroy all Saiyans and he came pretty close in doing so. It took the combined might of four super saiyans to bring him down.

7. Cell

Cell is the ultimate android. His massive power is attributed to absorbing both Android 17 and 18. He also has the cells of some of the strongest people in the universe, including Goku. He has the power to destroy a solar system. Cell also possesses a hard to beat regeneration ability.

6. Meta-Cooler

Meta-Cooler is an upgrade of Cooler. There are actually multiple Meta-Coolers, due to the Big Gete Star creating more on mass. Just one proved to be a match for Goku and Vegeta. Just imagine 100 of them.

5. Kid Buu

Kid Buu is a being feared by the Kais. This shows his power. He acts like a childish serial killer. He enjoys destruction. Kid Buu is said to be a being of pure evil. With his fast regeneration and rubber- like body, he is almost indestructible.

4. Super Janemba

Janemba is an accidental being. He came to life due to an accident with an evil soul machine in Other World. He gave the combined forces of Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon a hard time in battle. Only the fusion between Goku and Vegeta known as Gogeta could subdue him. He can materialize a deadly sword out of thin air.

3. Broly

Broly could be rivaled by the incredible Hulk. They both get stronger in battle and are very angry. Broly was born with a power level in the thousands. This makes him the strongest of all Saiyans. He has a grudge against Goku. His feats include destroying the whole of South Galaxy.

2. Golden Frieza

Frieza is the staple Villain of Dragon Ball Z. He is feared throughout the Galaxy for his ruthless personality. He recently attained a new form that gave him the power of the gods.

1. Beerus

Beerus is known as the God of Destruction. He can obliterate Planets in mere seconds. Don't let his skinny body and cat- like demeanor fool you. He is actually the second strongest being the universe.

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