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Off The Grid has finally arrived and it's about time. After waiting since the first official trailer that released back in April on MCP Network YouTube Channel, the wait began. Now at the end of June, the film releases online and it's off to a good start. As you must know, this is Malcolm Carter Productions and Final Line Entertainment first film produced together. With Malcolm Carter and Eric Hunter both writing and directing the project, it introduced their skill sets to the audience.

The first review is coming from Film Shortage, an online film site. Here's what they had to say about the film.

"A very strong and thrilling premise, however the film is lacking the cinematic touch we look for. Mainly and immediately noticeable is the under lit exterior night scenes in the film, and the low-quality audio recording. Some technical mistakes are also noticeable at certain times (like camera shadows casting on the characters). The film certainly got the cinematic sense in terms of angles and story development, but just missing that little bit more to set it above our other selections."

Off The Grid review by viewers
Off The Grid review by viewers

Malcolm Carter Productions and Final Line Entertainment confirmed Off The Grid is set to release two more films to complete the trilogy in 2017-2018. Ahad Nawaz Thalho who portrayed the role of Dillon Edwards has confirmed to return to the next two films. The news on the rest of the cast has not been confirmed yet. The next two will not only be a continuation from the first film, it is set to be the first trilogy from the production studios.

Watch Off The Grid right now on MCP Network on YouTube Channel. After watching the film, leave your thoughts under the video and rate the film on IMDb.

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