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Off The Grid returns with a brand new trailer for the second part to Seeking The Truth.

Last year, Off The Grid short film released on June 29th as the beginning story for the film series. Before Off The Grid short film debuted online, Seeking The Truth Part I released one month before, giving a teaser on what to expect for the continuing story. Part I was also placed at the very end of the film, which made viewers understand the connection to the film.

Seeking The Truth Part I introduced a new character, Russell Wilson; a detective searching for answers about Dillon Edwards and the Triple Division procedure. After a failed attempt to get information from an unknown caller, Russell calls his partner, Henry Grant to retrieve any useful information. Seeking The Truth Part II will continue with Russell entering into an unfamiliar restricted area that's connected to the Triple Division procedure. With Russell unaware of his actual location, he finds himself against one of the men from the Division Army after attempting to escape. In this part of the film series, a dark secret is hidden from Russell that will keep him from ever escaping Division Port. The story gets darker than before, but it all started with the sneak peek film, Division Port which released earlier this year. The sneak peek gave an inside scoop about the restricted area zone controlled by one of the leaders of the Triple Division Procedure. The area is guarded by the Division Army and several cameras in the area to prevent people from escaping once they enter. At the very end of the clip, Maze Clark makes his way inside Division Port and disguise himself as one of the men from the Division Army. The short teaser was also accepted into the Los Angeles Cinefest earlier this year as one of the first films from the Off The Grid Series.

Seeking The Truth Part II will not be the only film to release this year. Beginning in mid August, Off The Grid 2 will begin pre-production until the month of October. Back in 2016, the first draft for Off The Grid 2 was completed until last month when the short teaser, Off The Grid: Division Port made a shift in the storyline to where a new direction for the film will take. The rewrites for Off The Grid 2 script is currently in development until later this month. Since viewers are curious what will happen next after the cliffhanger from the first Off The Grid, the story will pick up where it left off with Maze Clark (Malcolm Carter), Roman Fisher (Sidney Odom), and Issac Wade (Demetrius Smith) searching for Jenna Fox (Holly Dacke) and Ethan Rucker (John Charles Dickson). With the new storyline ahead, two new characters will also be introduced in the film. Russell Wilson (Eric Hunter) and Henry Grant (Jalal Jamal) from Seeking The Truth Part I & II will also reprise their roles in the film.

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Watch the danger strike in the new trailer.


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