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Here's what to expect in Seeking The Truth Part II.

1. One of the film's antagonist will be introduced.

  • The first Off The Grid didn't really reveal the antagonist. What we can guess is the unknown caller, who could possibly be a male with a deep voice is the main antagonist. Well, he could be, but in this new Off The Grid, we are meeting the antagonist who will bring some destruction to the series.

2. Two new characters who are connected to the group in the first film will be introduced as well.

  • From the previous film, we met four individuals, Dillon Edwards, Jenna Fox, Ethan Rucker, and Crystal Washington. The two new characters, Sean Hexx and Ruby Stone will join the series by exploring the world of Triple Division. Of course the first film taught us that trusting everyone is not a good idea, but will this film follow the same code as well? Find out on August 31.

3. More details about the missing person, Jordan Bardon will be revealed.

  • Jordan Bardon, the character everyone has been searching for since the first film receives another highlight moment in the story. Dillon Edwards and Jenna Fox attempted to gather information about his missing person report after searching for his murderer, but could this all be true? In this brand new film, additional details about Jordan Bardon will be revealed that will definitely make this story even more intriguing.

This part of the film series is not exactly a direct sequel to the first film, but the story will definitely connect with one another. This portion of the story is what we're calling our game changer. Even though the first film released last year along with Seeking The Truth Part I, the second short film Division Port really gave a MAJOR teaser of what to expect for the future installments. For those that haven't seen Division Port, here's what took place. Division Port is known as the restricted area zone for outsiders which was introduced along with a member from the Division Army. The character from the last scene of Off The Grid, Maze Clark was present, scoping out the area of Division Port. A member from the Division Army found an outsider which resulted into a conflict (which remains a mystery). The final scene appears with Maze Clark walking through a trail as he discovers a mask from one of the members of the Division Army. Now, this film will take place between Seeking The Truth Part I and Division Port to give the audience a new perspective of the story.

Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II releases August 31 only on MCP Network YouTube Channel.

The Darker The Secret. The Darker The Truth.
The Darker The Secret. The Darker The Truth.

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