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MCP Network Original Series are currently being made for the new year ahead, but a teaser for one of the series will release sooner than later.

MCP Network official website launches August 31 with Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II as the leading film to start it off. Here is the recent announcement on the future of MCP Network.

What to expect on MCP Network?

BINGE WATCHING SERIES. Yes, we are coming back with web series and we are truly excited. Be sure to tune in August 31 for a special surprise that will show what’s to come for the upcoming season. We will be creating projects that include comedy, thriller and drama (of course we need some excellent drama). Horror films are being considered, but you will have to wait for those while everything else is in the works.

What does MCP Network have to offer other than the YouTube channel?

Of course all of the brand new projects, but you will be able to enjoy us on your phone, PC, and TV. Since we are partnering up with VHX, you will be able to enjoy us where ever, whenever. You will also receive updates on upcoming projects and you’ll also receive a notification once a new project releases. Now, here’s the fun part, the series you would like to watch, you will have to subscribe in order to watch them. The monthly subscription is low, and by low, not the Netflix and Hulu, we have a reasonable price. That also includes some cool perks that you will receive every month. Here are the following projects that are accessible: MCP Skits, Off The Grid Collection, Documentaries, and FLE Films. The projects that you will need a subscription for are: WEB SERIES and FEATURE FILMS. The web series and feature films will be worth watching along with all of our other projects.

WE ARE PREPARING FOR A THRILL RIDE SO JOIN US! Once August 31 hits, you will enjoy the new MCP Network style.

A storm is coming, OH WAIT, IT’S HERE!

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