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If you've already seen the brand new teaser for RUE, then you should proceed with reading this. If you haven't, stop here and watch the first teaser.

What is Retribution? Retribution was Malcolm Carter Productions first short film, which was divided into a 3-Part film series. The story was about a set of teenagers who made an unwise decision whether if was from betrayal, deceiving, or dreadful lies, there was a price to pay. The first film debuted in 2014, which has a total of 900 views on MCP YouTube channel. It was a 10 minute short that turned into a deep intriguing story as it moved into the next two films. Part 2 was released late 2014, this film was a better deal than the first one. The story became understandable to where we know a little bit more about the character's problems. Even though the film was 11 minutes short, viewers were able to capture furthermore details after part one. In 2015, Retribution Part 3: Revenge Brings The Fire released as the final installment for film series. In this part of the film, the story goes dark. As the title says, "Revenge Brings The Fire", it literally brought that. First few minutes of the film, one of the characters dies. The antagonist, Jonathan Delroy, who's name has been through around from the previous films finally makes his debut in this one. Jonathan Delroy is working on his plan to replace Lisa, the girl who worked as an intern for his company. She witnessed him murder someone in his house, once he found out she knew about the situation, he payed her $25,000 to keep the situation private. Of course, teenagers do not stay quit, some do, but Lisa didn't. She told the news to her friend, Bruce (who dies at the beginning of Retribution Part 3). Jonathan finds out that she told someone, that's when he decides to take matters into his own hands. The story has so much going on and since it was only a 3-Part series, viewers are left unanswered questions, ESPECIALLY the cliffhanger at the ending.

What is RUE about? RUE is the reboot Retribution needs. The unanswered questions will finally be answered in the first season. Synopsis: "10 years after a devastating day of a massive school explosion that left over a hundred students dead, Derek Gibson revisits his hometown for a new case, but returning brings forth a shady continuation of his past life". Questions are rising for those who have never seen "Retribution", if you haven't, just watch the final film. You will catch on pretty quick,

Ten years later, how will this work with the story? The story will pick up with Derek Gibson as an undercover detective returning back to Houston to work on a homicide case. Returning back, he starts to feel the void of regret, anger, and mistakes which you will find out more in the series. Which character will return to the reboot? Morgan, the devious, seeking revenge for those not having her back will return to the series, but it will be in a really exciting direction. This story will definitely become too intriguing if you've seen the first films. If you have never seen any of them, this will be very interesting to watch. Backstories about the characters will be given, a few moments about the past will be discussed, but viewers will get a chance to watch new drama series on MCP Network.

The RUE is set to premiere in 2018 only on MCP Network.

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