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Gerd, Neek

At Avengers Tower in New York, we see Tony Stark concentrating in his tech lab searching for possible where about's of his friend and fellow scientist Bruce Banner or possible sightings of the Hulk around the world. He expands his search to outer space searching for any possible signal from the Quin-Jet. He grows tired and begins to give up then he somehow receives a signal. He scrambles to respond

Tony: "Bruce is that you?" Bruce can you hear me? This is Tony. Bruce?!"

*Static* *Sttttaatttiiiccc*

Tony: ....


Tony: you copy?

*static* *statttiic*

Tony: this is NOT Bruce Banner? If this isn't Bruce then who am I speaking with?!


(Tony listens closer)

Voice: *static* name *static* Star *static* Lord *sttaaaatiiic* Guardians of *static* Galaxy

(Dramatic End)

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