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If I had to declare myself a fanboy of one game, it'd be Dark Souls 3. I love the world, the tight combat, the exploration and the sheer challenge of the game. I've probably played through about a dozen times now with different builds. For me, it still hasn't gotten old, but what to do when it does?

Tiny Dark Souls Is The Grimmest, Cutest Adventure Around

Youtube user IronPineapple has created a pair of hilarious videos. In them, he uses mods made by Zulliethewitch for which massively change the player's size. The first one, a tiny mod, came out just two weeks ago.

If you've transcended to some new supernatural level of skill and you're looking for an extra challenge in then the tiny mode mod might just be for you. Running from enemies becomes almost impossible when you're moving at a quarter of your normal speed. Dodges have to be timed perfectly to avoid enemy attacks, especially when you get mobbed by five or six chaff enemies who suddenly become horrifying giants of death.

The best part of the mod is the glitches. Your scabbard doesn't change size and neither do arrows, which makes you look like the cutest little Unkindled there ever was. Your character has to stay shirtless because apparently tops don't resize, and ladders will become your greatest nemesis.

Get Big In Minutes With This One Secret Trick (It's A Mod, The Trick Is A Mod)

If the tiny mode isn't for you, maybe you'd like to try the giant mode. Presumably, the Unkindled found one of the mushroom guardians from and took a big bite, because he's gotten real large. A lot of bosses become kind of adorable, and if it wasn't for the fact that they still do a lot of damage, the regular enemies would be hilarious trying to hack at your ankles.

The giant mode also lets you do some pretty funny stuff. Instead of beating Yhorm with the gimmick weapon you're given, you can go toe-to-toe with your giant foe, turning a somewhat disappointing fight into a duel to the death. You can even critical hit him when he falls!

Giant Dad has never been more jealous. [Credit: Bandai Namco]
Giant Dad has never been more jealous. [Credit: Bandai Namco]

Iron Pineapple's done a lot of other awesome Dark Souls 3 themed vids as well, including glitches, weird mods and my favorite, hilarious group cosplay. Gotta love a bit of Shrek in your Souls.

So if you're getting a bit worn out by your fifteenth run of Dark Souls 3, give these crazy mods a try, or just spend some time on Let it Die if you want even more brutally challenging action.

What's the funniest mod you use in your games? Have you tried the giant and tiny mods? Let us know in the comments!

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