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Almost everyone who grew up at some point during the great age of platformers (aka. the great war that time forgot) had a favorite series. For many, it was Mario, for kids who wanted something a bit more edgy and fast paced, the choice was clearly Sonic.

I belonged to a third camp, the fans of a game that combined the fast pace and linear paths of the early (good) Sonic games with the cheery weirdness of Mario. I'm talking about Crash Bandicoot.

Technically there were probably kids who thought Spyro or Gex was the best, we try not to talk about them though. They're weird.

Crash Bandicoot Is Looking Amazing In The Newly Released 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Collection' Video

[Credit: Activision]
[Credit: Activision]

Fans of the original Crash Bandicoot series of have been itching for a real look at the remastered Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Collection since it was first announced. Now, thanks to developer Vicarious Visions and the Crash Bandicoot facebook page, we have a first look at an entire level's worth of gameplay of the upcoming remaster, and boy, is it looking gorgeous.

If you've ever read up on the fascinating developer diaries about the original Crash Bandicoot, you'll know that Naughty Dog took every step they could to wrangle every last bit of power out of the original PlayStation to make the game look as good as they could.

It seems that their successor, Vicarious Visions, is no slouch when it comes to the remaster either. Not content to simply slap a new coat of slightly higher res paint on the game and call it a day, Vicarious Visions looks to have rebuilt the levels and models from the ground up, resulting in an absolutely gorgeous-looking title. You can see the same level in the original side-by-side in comparison:

Among other graphical improvements, it looks like the water effects have been totally redone, with gorgeous, translucent water that helps you pull off precise platforming with even greater ease. The models seem to be totally different as well. We already knew Crash himself was looking fantastic, but even the hazardous fish trying to take you out in the upstream level look totally different.

For those of you who want to see the new graphics and gameplay tweaks with your own eyes, it seems that Gamestop is rolling out new playable kiosks at their stores right now. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for June 30th to try out the trilogy for yourself.

What do you think of the new full level footage? Which is your favorite entry in the trilogy? Let us know in the comments!

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