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During the last episode of Shades of Blue Season 1, we were pretty left in the dark as it ended with Wozniak finally discovered Harlee’s secret agenda that deemed his great anger against her clueless betrayal in his team.

There is no turning back now for Jennifer Lopez’s Harlee Santos as the new promo of the hit crime drama series, Shades of Blue Season 2 manifests an emotional outbreak of the story and moreover, to unveil what will happen next to the character now the she is already at the peak of her wretchedness.

Now, the time has come for her to deal with the situations she had caused to everyone not only those close to her but also to Wozniak’s unit who are confirmed doing illegal acts opposed to the promised law of justice.

At the start of the clip of Season 2 Episode titled “Stronger Together or Apart”, Harlee Santos can be seen walking alone at the top of a brick wall while she expresses her strong will to still survive from the havoc she unwillingly created against Lieutenant Michael Wozniak and the rest of his team in New York Police Department (NYPD).

With Harlee’s unspoken melancholic expression in the promo clip, it is already depicting the character’s inescapable fate in the hands of FBI police chasing her and Lt. Michael Wozniak on the other side—which is doomed to crumble her world.

Another scene shows Harlee looking at the window from afar where she saw herself hugging her daughter, Christina played by Sarah Jeffrey, while she says that it was never her intention to harm the ones closest to her and to keep them safe away from her chaotic circle.

But unfortunately, what she seem to picture a serene life shows the opposite part of the consequences she will encounter in the near future when she teamed up with the enemy.

Harlee also saw herself getting initimate with James Nava played by Gino Anthony Pesi while she hallucinates that her relationship will then end to failure.

Until she was left pondering about her doubts and fears, she saw her ex-boyfriend Miguel Zepada played by Antonio Jamarillo hanging on a broken brick wall with his hands alone.

Harlee looked at him and suddenly steps on the wall until Miguel falls—which simply indicating that Harlee has freed herself from her manipulative ex-boyfriend. It can be recalled at the end clip of Season 1, Harlee killed Miguel after he tried to rape her.

Meanwhile, Michale Wozniak is seen being serious while walking at the opposite end of the brick wall taking about his men in his unit.

As Wozniak continuously walking while expressing his bile against his unit, it can also be seen in the clip Loman played by Dayo Okeniyi and Marcus Tufo played by Hampton Flucker giving him a bundle of money.

It can be recalled that majority of his men had turned their backs on him which made him more furious and would want to take revenge against Harlee whom he believes that made this boundless predicament of his.

Also shown in the new promo are Tess played by Drea de Matteo and Carlos Espada played by Vincent Laresca who are seen jumped off the building which seems showing a hint that these two might commit a suicide in the succeeding episodes when the gritty crime series returns to air.

Towards the end of the promo, Harlee finds herself being caught by the FBI agents and try to chase her but the wall suddenly breaks and Harlee was able to flee away from them.

While approaching the end of the wall, Harlee saw Wozniak approaching to her and she even admitted that she still needs Wozniak even though she does not trust him and moreover, crawls back to him probably to win again his trust and use him to protect the people she love the most.

Wozniak on the other side says to himself that he forgives Harlee’s betrayal but vows that he would never forget what she did to him.

Though this seemingly the most poetic teaser presented with a super-stylistic look and feel, it simply indicates that it would not be easy for the characters of Harlee Santos and Michael Wozniak as both their worlds start to crumble.

It will surely be a difficult story arc ahead for the characters knowing it will still be a matter of questioning trust and loyalty. Thus, heading towards to what could be dynamic between Harlee and Michael as they go hand in hand together showing that these will be teaming up again to protect each other’s back.

Admittedly, it would pretty difficult for them to lay it down again together due to the aftermath of too much betrayal and frustration in the circumstances they are in.

In the earlier news, Shades of Blue Season 2 has been moved on Sundays which could probably a part of NBC’s experiment to prompt many viewers who can watch this series since Golden Globes is one of the network’s most-watched events of the year which they could take this as an adavantage.

Shades of Blue Season 2 will start airing on March 5 with its new time slot on NBC, Sunday at 10 p.m. EST.

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