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If anyone has been unquestionably optimistic about Marvel Studios' Ant-Man, the finger would undoubtedly be pointed towards myself. For the past few months, with the release of the first two trailers, fan responses have been luke-warm at best. Part of the demise of the hype for this film definitely resulted from mass negative media coverage last year when Ant-Man's director stepped down mere days before filming was set to begin.

The third and final trailer, set to premiere in theaters alongside Avengers: Age of Ultron (which is predicted to be the biggest box office selling film in history) will get possibly the biggest known audience for any trailer thanks to it being attached to this year's biggest and most important film. For the first time in awhile, I am in agreement with everyone else who had the privilege of viewing the trailer in that Marvel has created one of the best possible trailers for the trailer slot which one could argue to be as valuable as a Super Bowl commercial slot.

The trailer does two things the first two trailers have not done which are essential to advertising for the film: it tells us the plot, and it convinces us that the CGI ants really do look amazing. From what I gathered through the trailer, the Ant-Man suit is essentially another attempt at what the super soldier syrum was designed to do, what Bruce Banner attempted to do with himself, and what Iron Man attempted to do with the creation of Ultron and the Iron Legion: design a soldier with the ability to undoubtedly win for the sake of being able to protect. In the words of Captian America in Avengers: Age of Ultron, "Everytime someone tries to win a war before it starts, innocent people die."

Henry Pym has been hiding his shrinking, ant-communication technology from his partner at Pym Industries, Daren Cross. Unfortunately, Daren somehow finds what's been hidden from him, and promises to make (either Henry Pym and/or Scott Lang) pay, along with his family. Depending on who the quote is to, we either just got a threat directed at Hope Van Dyne (who could potentially be the Wasp in the future) or Cassie Lang, Scott's sweet, yet very ill young daughter (who becomes the superhero Stature in the future).

The trailer doesn't fail to include plenty of comedy either, with Scott telling Pym that his days of breaking into places and stealing things are done before Pym declares he needs Scott to break into a place and steal something, and then a scene which had the entire theater erupting into laughter, missing part of the rest of the trailer even, when Yellowjacket knocks a Thomas the Tank train off a coffee table in someone's living room while in his micro-size.

The first major introduction of ants is also done extremely well, showing off the ways even the ants themselves can help set the mood in the film, from a rather adorable red ant approaching Scott in a light-hearted playful attitude, to four ants being told to spin a coin in a car using the Ant-Man suit's communication abilities, to Ant-Man riding dark, ferocious looking ants and exploring dark tunnels underground with the insects.

What the industry will soon realize is that Marvel has a set algorithm to their marketing: they release three trailers, the first having a huge impact because it reveals the characters and sets up the stage using the shots that need the least amount of editing, the second including the first CGI shots that have been made and/or mastered since the release of the first trailer, along with more action sequence, and the third focusing on the CGI scenes that have now been almost completed.

Because the most doubt for this film has been sourced from the disbelief in ants as believable features in the film, and because the ants have to be CGI'd, everyone has still been terribly iffy on this film. Now that the third trailer for the film is here, everyone can finally see that the ants in the film are indeed believable and this is a movie you won't want to miss. If Marvel can convince you from Guardians of the Galaxy that talking raccoons can exist in the same realm as a Norse god, then they can undoubtedly convince you ants aren't the craziest power for a superhero to have.

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