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Phlebotomists need to face a lot of challenges while they are performing venipuncture or drawing blood from the veins. They need to undertake proper training and must practice a lot to perform a successful phlebotomy. Vein locators or vein finders are devices that ensure smooth and painless extraction of blood. This equipment is considered to be a great boon for the healthcare sector and in the following discussion; we would explore more about this excellent invention and its distinguished features that have made them extremely popular among the customers.

Vein Finders

This is a recent innovation of technology and most of the individuals of the leading nations are still unaware about the device and its benefits. Accuvein, vein-lights, vein-finders, vein-locators are diverse names of this amazing equipment. It is light in weight, which make them portable and it comes with an outstanding base and enhancer.

This device aims to make a hypodermal image of the veins on the surface of the skin, thus, the entire process of venipuncture becomes quite effortless. It could be characterized by power and sleep buttons, charging indicators and a switch to start the image mode. They could be easily maintained and are successfully used for a large number of patients.

In the recent times, these viewing systems have acquired wide acceptance throughout the world. The leading organizations manufacture these systems with high-end features. Their demand in the market is proliferating at a considerable speed. In the following discussion, we would explore the distinctive features, which have made vein-finders so popular.

Attributes of Vein Finders

An ideal vein-lightwould satisfy both the patient and the phlebotomist. Their distinctive characteristics are mentioned below in brief:

• An optimal vein finder would have three imaging modes. With one simple click on the button of accuvein; three colors ranging from blue to white, red and then red to green are created. This feature allows easy venipuncture on patients of all skin colors.

• These devices make use of cold light and are not harmful for the eyes of the phlebotomist or the patient.

• One could adjust the brightness of the device so that medical professionals could get a precise picture of the veins.

• Vein finders are user-friendly and are integrated with customization features.

• One could control these devices easily and are noted for consuming minimal energy.

All the above-mentioned positive features make vein-finders extensively recognized in all the leading nations of the world.

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