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One of the essential ways by which you could become a successful entrepreneur and secure your company’s long life is through the creation of a strong and faithful customer base. Your current customers would be the crucial ‘voice’ of your brand. Whether they are offering an appraisal, completing an assessment or providing a feedback; they would be effectually promoting the products and services of your organization.

As we have realized the significance of patrons, it is our duty to provide them with a rewarding experience, every time they come for utilizing our services. There are many ways through which we could offer them satisfaction but making them wait in long lines is certainly not one of them. One of the most crucial things that spread a negative word about your company is when you make a buyer wait for extended periods of time.

So, in the following discussion, let us delve into the systematic process by which one could minimize waiting times in the queues.

Steps to cut the waiting times in long lines

• Set a definite ‘service level target’. For those, who are not acquainted with this term, it could be defined as the percentage of the customers that are to be served within a said timeframe. While you are determining this target you must take into account two things and try to make a balance between them. Those two things are- the desire to offer quality service and the cost one has to bear in order to achieve it. For example, an ordinary call centre has 80/20 target, which means they need to answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds. They are not opting for 100% because at times trying to operate at one’s full capacity would lead to low productivity and losses.

• After the target is set, it is time to track the service times and for this many of the leading associations have taken the help of technological innovations and came up with a device known as queue management system. The fundamental principle behind this equipment is to measure the queue demand and alert the working members in real time. The queue management systems come with sensors and surveillance videos that are placed on every checkout counter so that the staff are aware of the number of persons waiting and being served. Signals are given at times so that the personnel serve the customers as quickly as possible and allow the checkouts to run efficiently. These devices have managed to bring a revolution. They enhanced customer loyalty and also made maximum use of the workforce.

The above-mentioned points are sure to be of much benefit if you desire to see your customer contended with your functional amenities. However, necessary changes are to be made if there are inefficiencies in spite of following the aforementioned points. You could up skill your staff and evaluate their proficiency levels, in order to achieve optimal customer service.

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