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There are some things that always seem to turn up in horror films: clowns, creepy children, and dentists are the three that seem to do the rounds over and over again! No matter how many times poor old dentists try to convince us that they are not scary at all, there is something very frightening about lying down on a bed and opening up your mouth to someone that you don’t know; it is a very vulnerable position to be in, and few people feel that is a completely normal thing to do! However, much of our conscious and sub-conscious fears about dentists date back to a time when dentistry really wasn’t much better than guesswork, and trying for the best – so no wonder that our ancestors were terrified of it then! But dentistry isn’t still in the Stone Ages, and there have been huge changes and improvements to the ways, means, and methods of testing, diagnosing, and treatment dental problems. Below are some examples, so try to think of these when you next have to sit in your dentist’s chair!


In days gone by, being told that you needed to have a filling often felt like a punishment more than a treatment! No one wanted to have that loud and whining drill hovering about their ear for almost an hour, and the pain that you experienced was absolutely awful. However, nowadays it is very normal for a patient to receive a completely painless filling thanks to the advances in modern technology. A new tool has been created that allows the dentist to remove all of the decay and debris without having to scrape and force any metal near the tooth at all. So if you have been putting off having a filling because you hate pain – and who doesn’t?! – then fear no more. Painless fillings are here to stay.

Losing teeth

Back in the old days if you lost a tooth then you would just have to become accustomed to having a gap there in your teeth – or if you go even further back to the Victorian times, you would have the option of paying an orphan or street child to have one of their healthy teeth pulled out, and implanted in your gap! Thankfully we aren’t so backwards any more, and if you have lost a tooth – or you feel as though you are going to lose a tooth in the near future – then you can have a dental implant which is made of porcelain or composite materials, and can be shaped, moulded, and colored to resemble exactly the tooth that was lost. Many people will not even realize that it is a false one, and you may find that you forget after a while too.


Nobody but nobody looked forward to having braces twenty years ago – the twisting of the metal, the horrible way that they cut into your lips and gums, and the awkwardness of finding food in there that had probably been in there for a good few hours! Nowadays of course braces have changed utterly, and now it is possible to have braces that are almost completely invisible to the naked eye, and do not even contain any metal! Even an adult can receive braces, and it will only take about a year for their teeth to be completely altered through the careful use of the plastic braces, or trays. Now braces are not so much a source of bullying, but instead a way for anyone to have the teeth and the smile that they always wanted, no matter what age they are.


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