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An aviation watch is a timepiece worn by a pilot. When it comes to the styles and the designs of these watches, there are many varieties. The trend has grown and also developed with the advent of new technology. The aviation watches are considered to be one of the coolest watches worn in the world today!

Origins of the aviation watch

The earliest watches worn by pilots were field watches for the purpose. These watches had to be accurate, and they should be readable in the dim or low light. Field watches had movements that were hand wound with black dials. The numerals were vast and white. This made checking the watch for the time easy.

Gradually with the passage of time, air forces across the globe began developing watches that had specific aviation functions. Some of the notable timepieces were The Flieger Style Type A and Type B, Skyhawk or Speedmaster Pro variant of watches. They all kept the classic style intact and known for their unique features.

Best Aviation Watch Brands Today

Now, if you are looking for authentic aviation watches in the market, you will find that there are three original of the five watch brand manufacturers of those days that still make the Flieger Style of Aviation watches today- they are Stowa, Laco and IWC. The volume of production for these watches is not as huge as the past. However, there are a substantial number of watches that are manufactured today.

Modern aviation watches with a classical twist

Today, there is a new line of aviation watches that have been introduced. They are the Wingman Watches. This line of watches was founded by the fighter pilots of the Air Force when they wanted a timepiece that spoke of the heritage of aviation watches but with a touch of modernity.

These pilots started with the campaign, and they have now launched a website. The Wingman Watches sport a modern and traditional look that is streamlined. They have kept the classic features of the pilot. They use Quartz Japanese Movements and are made with stainless steel cases. The look of these watches is enhanced with sapphire crystals.

How to wear an aviation watch

You can wear an aviation watch for both business and casual wear. These watches should not be worn during very formal settings. Like the pilots that inspired them, the timepiece can be inappropriate and ostentatious for the setting.

Now, if you wish to team up the aviation watch with a business suit, you must have the confidence to bend the rules. You might like the simple elegance of the Flieger or opt for the sophisticated Skyhawk or Speedmaster Pro. In short, if you are fond of aviation watches and love its distinctive appeal, there is surely a style for you.

Therefore, when you are looking for the ideal aviation watch, keep the above points in mind. It is prudent for you to know your watch well before you buy it. Always buy your aviation watch from a reputed brand and flaunt it with pride!

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