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Travel is a beautiful thing. An adventure. An education. A much-needed break for some. An eye opener. Soul releasing. Exciting. Expanding. Sometimes, scary, challenging. But rewarding.

So you want to travel. You really want to travel. But don’t have the funds to make it happen.

The thing is, you actually do have the funds…in the future. You just have to get to that future where you have the funds, by saving between now and then. (*smiles*)

So how do you make that future happen? How do you start saving?

Your Belongings

Look around you. What things of yours can you sell? Things that, when you think about it, you don’t really need. A thing that, when you think about the holiday you want, you’d rather have the holiday than the thing.

Basically, your holiday is potentially laying around your room, house, apartment in the form of things you could let go of, don’t need or like anymore.

Get rid. Make space. Make money.

Extra Shifts

If you’re an employee, let your manager know you’re available for overtime, holiday cover, sick cover, etc.

If you’re a freelancer, look for extra gigs and/or up your rates.

There are several job descriptions on It might spark off some ideas for you re: what else you could do to make some extra money for your holiday.

Your Spending

As well as making extra money, attack it from the other side: Cut back on your spending.

Some of the following won’t apply to you, but if they do, consider doing them.

Food/drink: Swap some of what you buy for cheaper alternatives. If you tend to go out for meals, cut back on that. Explore cheaper places to eat and/or cook your own meals.

Take a packed lunch to work. Also, if you drink coffee and tend to buy takeaway coffee from outlets, make your own. You’ll save a ton.

Alcohol: Look for cheaper alternatives, or cut back on quantity.

Cigarettes: Cut back progressively. Week one, smoke one less cigarette a day. Second week, smoke two less cigs a day (up it beyond that if you want to, i.e., week three: three less a day, week four…and so on depending on how many you tend to smoke a day).

Even one less cigarette a day will make a difference to how many packs you buy in a week or a month.

Any money you save from doing any of the above, place in a money box.


Start looking out for coupons (online and off). It mightn’t be cold hard cash, but it’ll save you from spending some of your cold hard cash, which you can then donate to your fabulous holiday fund.

See the coupon. Hear it calling your name. Use it.

You’re badass at saving money to go on the holiday you desire.

Because you’re badass.

Yes. You.

Your holiday is waiting to meet you.

Save. Go meet it.

Have a great time.

Send me a postcard.

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