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Learning how to drive is a big step in any teen’s life. It opens that door to independence that they seem to crave during the teen years. It also gives them a chance to show responsibility by following the rules and regulations of the road. If you’re thinking about buying your teen their first car once they receive their license, there are a few things you may first want to consider. Let’s take a closer look.

Do Your Research on the Various Models

Instead of picking a car that looks cool for your teen, you likely want to base it on the safety features and the crash rating. What this means is that you’ll want to do a little research in advance. You can read up on the safety features that the car offers such as ESC, which is electronic stability control, anti-locking brakes, how many and where the airbags are positioned, back-up cameras, and more. You can also find information on how different models hold up in crashes.

How Reliable is the Make/Model?

This ties in with the safety of the vehicle in a sense. You want to know the make and model you are looking into is notorious for being reliable. The last thing you want your teen to deal with is having a breakdown on a busy road, or late at night on a deserted strip of road. Of course, if the car is reliable that also means it won’t need endless repairs, which can add up in cost really quickly.

Get Insurance Quotes

Once you narrow down the list to a few different makes/models it's time to get an insurance quote. The quote may help to narrow down the list even further. Some makes are notorious for higher rates. Whether it will be you or your teen paying for the insurance, that higher rate just may not be affordable.

What About its Fuel Economy?

With the price of gas rising on a regular basis, looking for a car that has excellent fuel economy is usually the best plan. Your teen will be appreciative that they won’t have to fill up the car as often and find that money to pay for it.

How to Find a Deal

Now because this will be your teen’s very first car, chances are high that you’re not ready to go out and get them the most expensive car with all the bells and whistles. Instead finding a good deal on a reliable and safe car is usually priority. A good place to start is checking Zoom the List which allows you to search Craigslist in a much easier and faster way. You’ll be able to find all the deals nearest you that meet your criteria.

A Big Step That Requires Research

Purchasing a car for your teen is a big step and one that requires research and planning. Rather than just rushing in and buying the first car that catches your eye, it’s wise to ask questions and find the make/model that matches best with your budget, expectations, and offers plenty of safety features.

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