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Stop what you are doing and prepare to get excited: The Avengers: Age of Ultron is on the front cover of the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, giving us our first official look at the villainous, titular character, as well as the new suits for Iron Man and Captain America. Three really is the magic number.

Check it out:

Well color me excited! That's a pretty badass cover. Ultron looks like he means business and has his robotic drones in tow, while Iron Man's new suit has some seriously slick gold plating.

I'm really liking Cap's new suit as well, which has reverted back to the traditional red, white and blue, which was missing from his last outing in The Winter Soldier. Not quite sure why he looks like he wants to fist bump somebody, though.

But that's enough from me. What do you guys think?


Ultron looks...

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