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We've got some Cyberton-sized Transformers: Age of Extinction news coming your way now concerning the identity of some fan-favorite Autobots who are set to make there debut appearance in 's latest sequel to the robo-smashathon. Be warned though, this update has a pretty high spoiler quotient so you should proceed with caution.

According to the guys over at JoBlo, a source has confirmed that Transformers 4 will feature none other than the ass-kicking Dinobots! Let's all take a minute to comprehend the enormity of this piece of news... Comprehended? OK, let's continue.

The source goes on to reveal that Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots, will appear and that Optimus Prime will somehow bring them all back to life. If that wasn't awesome enough, this also happens:

Prime is joined by returning autobot Bumblebee and at one point both characters (and potentially others) will "ride" the Dinobots into battle in Hong Kong (which fits well within the announcement that the film would film partially in China), with Prime on Grimlock and Bumblebee on a Pterandon, presumably Swoop.

Transformer riding on Dinobots? Can I get a [email protected]%k yeah!

It's not just the Dinobots that will be making their Bayhem debut, as the source also revealed that Hound and Drift will also show up. On the villainous side of things, [Lockdown]( will be on hand to punch the Autobots in the face, while previous baddie Megatron will be reborn as Galvatron. If Bay can persuade to return to the sequel and once again provide the voice for Galvatron and Gregg Berger for Grimlock I might even forgive the much-maligned director for the cluster [email protected]%k that was _Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Are you excited about seeing the Dinobots kicking some ass in Transformers 4? Sound off in the comments below.


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