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Expect Matt Damon to get into a lot of big fights in the upcoming Jason Bourne film. On Thursday, Universal Pictures released a special featurette of the actor and crew members breaking down some of the movie's most brutal fight scenes.

"It is a big Jason Bourne movie and we're building the fights like fans of movie fights... Bourne's style requires a lot of improvising... He's always trying to neutralize whatever the person has. He'll use found objects."

The clip goes on to describe one interesting scene in the new film, where Bourne breaks the leg off of a chair and beats his opponent with it.

"He takes one leg and he just smashes it, and there's his baton... It'll protect his forearm, block, counter, smash, and knocks him out." — Fight Coordinator Roger Yuan

The 'Mother Of All Treadstone Fights'

There's also apparently going to be the "mother of all Treadstone fights," according to Damon. The action star says that Bourne goes up against his biggest challenger yet in one of the program's last remaining agents.

"This is the last two guys... This is the toughest opponent for him."

The spy vs. spy match-up will be a back-and-forth battle featuring knives, fists, and a lot of bruises.

"It's one of the most brutal fights we've ever had," director Paul Greengrass says in the video.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) vs. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) — who wins?

Jason Bourne smashes its way into theaters on July 29.

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