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The first trailer for Wonder Woman pretty much blew fans' minds when it dropped at San Diego Comic-Con, as they finally got to see the Amazonian princess kicking butt on the big screen in her first solo feature.

While it was just a glimpse at the power Princess Diana of Themyscira possesses, the short amount of footage shown points to Wonder Woman being a complete badass. In fact, she may even have a fight scene that's better than the Dark Knight's warehouse beatdown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Widely considered the best scene in director Zack Snyder's dismal DC Comics team-up film, the sequence showed off Batman's hand-to-hand combat skills in a way that fans have been desperate to see. The Caped Crusader's moves were smooth but brutal, creating a jaw-dropping moment of Gotham's protector clearing out a room of bad guys with just his fists and a few gadgets.

Ben Affleck has previously said that the Dark Knight's brawler moves in Batman v Superman were influenced by UFC fighters like Conor McGregor, and it shows in the hero's fluidity on screen.

It's going to be hard to top such an iconic scene, but Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has more than what it takes to do it.

In terms of martial arts skills, the actress is a pretty good fighter behind the scenes, having earned a spot as a combat trainer while serving with the Israeli army. Her character has also had thousands of years of training under her belt (oh, and superpowers), so they have all of the ingredients to create an elite Justice League warrior.

Wonder Woman may not have as many tools or weapons as Batman, but judging by the trailer, her Lasso of Truth is just as formidable as her sword and shield—or anything in the Caped Crusader's arsenal.

Unfortunately we don't get to see more of this outdoor beatdown. However, there are a few more moments that show off the amazing fight skills of Wonder Woman.

What appears to be a close-quarters scene between the heroine and a group of soldiers is very reminiscent of Batman's warehouse rumble. Wonder Woman takes things up a notch, though, as she doesn't have to hide in the shadows.

The Amazonian warrior can take on her foes head on, giving her a Ronda Rousey-like confidence as she goes after her opponent for the kill.

The filmmakers appear to be taking advantage of her battle-weary background. Wonder Woman seems powerful, but skilled, a tactician who can also unleash an otherworldly fury.

As a demigoddess, Wonder Woman has a bit of an edge over Batman thanks to the super powers. She can pull off some pretty crazy,, physics-defying moves that not even the Dark Knight's crazy gadget could help him accomplish.

The Batman v Superman warehouse scene was legendary. But watch out Batfleck, Wonder Woman might just take that crown.