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It's finally here Alien fans! Ridley Scott's highly-anticipated latest entry into his interstellar horror universe is back this weekend with Alien: Covenant.

While the chest-busting, sharp-teethed Xenomorphs are notorious for killing pretty much everyone who comes in contact with them, that's only because they haven't fought Earth's mightiest mixed martial arts warriors. Sure, they'd still have an edge over the likes of and , but they're definitely better suited for battle than a cosmic scientist or spaceship engineer.

In honor of the new Alien film, let's take a look at five ways you could kill a Xenomorph like an MMA fighter.

1. Wheel Kick Time

If you come across a Xenomorph that's looking for trouble, make like Edson Barboza and wheel kick that sucker into another galaxy. Doesn't matter what species you are, you're going down if one of these bad boys land.

2. Slap a Guillotine on Its Tongue Mouth

Trying to choke out a Xenomorph isn't easy, but not impossible. Grab hold of its tongue mouth and choke that little guy out with a guillotine choke. Just try not to get bit by the bigger head's sharp teeth.

3. Swagger

If you want to win this fight before it even begins, channel the swagger of Conor McGregor. One look at that confident strut, and you know any Xenomorph is going to back down.

4. Consult Steven Seagal

Everyone's favorite celebrity MMA fan Steven Seagal has claimed for years to have taught "The Spider" and others deadly moves inside the Octagon. Might be a good idea to give him a ring before you go up against a Xenomorph. We're sure he's got a few ancient martial arts techniques under his belt that no one in the history of fighting has ever come up with ever.

5. Kill It with Kindness

Has anyone ever tried being nice to a Xenomorph? Maybe they're just misunderstood. Take some a page out of Sean O'Connell's book and try to kill it with kindness. What could go wrong?

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