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Starting from the beginning

Star Trek is another movie I got to see on the plane when I was holiday. I have to say first I really enjoyed this movie. It did take a while to get going but when it did, it was a very enjoyable movie.

The plot twist at the end was unexpected but at its base the plot is similar to very predictable plots I have seen time and time again. The main villain Krall wants to use an ultimate weapon to destroy the federation and continue immortal life from other people.

Though I'll tell you, living that long did him no favours in the facial department. But I did understand his reasoning for why he felt like they had betrayed him. But apart from the plot twist at the end he wasn't that interesting.

My favourite character was JAYLAH (Had to put this in capitals my stupid computer kept on changing her name to Taylah, auto correct, grr. Its JAYLAH, computer, JAYLAH not Taylah!)


I could really route for her character and her story arc. For a moment I thought she was going to be left behind at the end and was like, nooooo. But its okay, she got training in the federation. I also loved her independence and interactions with Scotty, who's always been one of my favourites in the new star trek movies.

His quips and general interaction and reactions to what was going on always entertains me.

Anyway him and JAYLAH's interactions including the action scenes where my most favourite parts of the movie. I've never really cared much for Kirk but Mcoy and Spock was also my second pair that I loved watching their interactions and what was going on with them throughout the movie as well.

I have to say though I did enjoy Mcoy's character in this much more than Spocks despite him having the more interesting character arc and I'm glad Mcoy had more of a focus in this story. Or maybe thats just me? I never really noticed his character that much in other reboot star trek movies apart from this one.

Funniest part was where Spock discovered he'd accidentally put a tracker on his girlfriend. I may like Mcoy more in this but Spock's reaction to this any scene with him, to do with this was hilarious for me. Or maybe it wasn't an accident? mmmm

For the future with this review I will not be doing a bigger review on this in the future. This is all your getting. Overall I really enjoyed this more. Most of the plot was very predictable but it was still very entertaining, quite funny at times, really good special effects and well acted and well distinguished characters, all their motives with what they were doing and why were very clear in the end.

I recommend it and can't wait for the next star trek film.

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