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On january 13rd The Vampire Diaries came back to us and as I watched the episode I wanted to shere some opinions and kind of go trough episode if you didn't watch the episode just yet I want to prepere you this post is going to have some spoilers in it.

First things first DARK STEFAN is pretty much back and he is kind of heartless and as I say heartless I mean Stefan the ripper is BACK.Damon still have a humanity coming trough him and Sybil became a history teacher.Enzo and Bonnie are in Paris.The drama is back on and it came with a fire(it has to do with tahat Sybil class later on),while Matt and his dad I really don't know what they are doing in this episode they seemed to me they are keeping some kind of secrets or something not so sure.

The necklace is also back and I really love her because she keeps good side of Damon alive so if you didn't watch this episode make sure you keep in mind this necklace .

I really enjoj this episode but please bring Elena back because I think she is the only one who can save this situation I mean sirens,ripper,darkness...we need something good.

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