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Micah is a young cinematographer pursuing documentary filmmaking. He's cool.

For a moment we thought that one of the greatest vloggers on Youtube was down for the count. I must admit I was more bummed than I thought I would be when I heard he was discontinuing his Youtube series of Daily vlogging.

But good news! He's back with an interesting new approach. I appreciate the art that he puts into each video. In this video I wanted to not only bring out the things that I like about his channel but also teach you how top recreate his style of editing and cinematography. Here I will list 10 things that will help you to upgrade your videos.

  • Good Music
  • Timelapses
  • Sunglasses
  • Do Something
  • Transitions
  • Change Locations
  • Segments
  • Post Frequently
  • Shoot To Edit
  • Find A Story

I'm glad he is back. Enjoy!

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