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Huge comic book fan raising my children the same way.

This fight has happened before in the Marvel vs DC crossover and was a huge disappointment because it was so short. They could have made this fight an issue all by itself but it was just a few panels with Wolverine winning by disappearing behind a bar lighting a cigar and that's it. With all that being said I never bet against Wolverine in any fight. This battle would be epic with Lobo nearing Superman in strength but Wolverine has survived going one on one with the Hulk so I will say Wolverine has proven he can handle Lobo's strength. Now Wolverines strength at times is his share savagery which will not work against Lobo who is unbelievable more vicious than Wolverine. These guys are so close but Wolverine is the best at what he does and I will go with him in one of the most amazing and I want to see it so bad, battles in the history of the comics.

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