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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav

SiREN is a full length adaptation of the V/H/S short called "Amateur Night". If you have not seen that yet, I highly recommend watching that first. The film follows four guys trying to have the best bachelor party ever. When the first strip club they visit turns out to be terrible, they meet a stranger who promises to show them a place they'll never forget. The group follows him to a house deep in the woods. There they find a strange group of clientele, with an even stranger owner. The owner of the club, Mr. Nyx, is played by Justin Welborn, who also appeared in a short segment for V/H/S Viral called "Dante the Great". Nyx takes the groom to a private room to see one of his top girls. There the groom, Jonah played by Chase Williamson, ends up meeting Lily, a Siren, played by Hannah Fierman who played Lily in the original short. She sings to him and allows him to relive his sexual experiences. As he's leaving, she asks for his help, asking him to let her out of her locked room. Once he releases her, he begins to realize it may have been a horrible mistake. Lily is not just a girl, she is a Siren, who has set her eyes on Jonah and will not let anyone get in her way. As bodies begin to pile up, Jonah must figure out how to stay alive, although, that may be a worse fate than death.

Now the original short "Amateur Night" was one of my favorite segments of the entire V/H/S trilogy. It surprises you when you see Lily's true form. This film is not necessarily a prequel or a sequel, but more of a re-imagining. They expanded on the short and gave Lily more depth. Here we see the full extent of her power. Now the thing about Lily is, I really don't see her as a villain. I see her as a victim. She is summoned to our world at a young age and chained up by Nyx for quite some time. She finally fights back, not just for herself, but for the man she loves, Jonah. Who for her, was a type of knight in shining armor. I liked that they brought in Justin Welborn. I really enjoyed his performance as Dante, but he did much better as Nyx. Nyx could even have his own film. There were other creatures he dealt with that would make a really interesting film. The film does start off a bit slow, but really picks up when the group gets to the secret club. There was a good amount of blood, with a nice touch of gore. The best part of the film is Fierman's performance of Lily. I really enjoyed this film and would definitely recommend it, especially if you liked the original short.

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