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...n a public forum as an article or story. In this case, though, your reaction seems a bit overblown. The majority of this article is very well crafted, and far from being disrupted by the use of limited chatspeak. The first random collection of letters is merely an unintelligible means of expressing excitement beyond words. There's nothing else even remotely illegible in this post. If you don't know what BFG is, clearly you wouldn't understand why it's so exciting in the first place. It's fairly common knowledge in literary circles that BFG is the title for Roald Dahl's classic Big Friendly Giant. It's hardly ever referred to as anything other than BFG. Perhaps you are the one who should spend some time learning about classic children's literature rather than tearing an entire article apart for one small piece. Oops, I nearly overlooked the instance of soz being used. So...two small pieces of modern shorthand in an otherwise very well crafted article.

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