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So when was about 3 or 4 i had these imaginary friends they were much older than me i think they were 9 when we first met anyway my imaginary friends were twins i thought it was kinda weird how i had 2 imaginary friends so anyway their names were Stacey and Starla. I used to run outside with them and jump on my trampoline. We sometimes would go into my room and play with barbies i was just little and sometimes we would even play surten games like games little girls and other kids shouldn't play anyway when i had turned 5 i would have went to my room with a little piece of cake for them when i would run around my house and we would play. Hide and seek i would hide for hours and by the time my mom found me i would ask where they went she asked me who i was talking about. By the time i turned 6 i realized that they must have died but im now turning 13 and sometimes my door will lock on its own I think they might be back .

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